On “housewarming” at the St. Petersburg prison “Crosses-2” beat up 12 people


На "новоселье" в петербургском СИЗО "Кресты-2" избили 12 человек

In the new jail “Kresty-2” in Kolpino (Saint Petersburg) was brutally beaten by 12 people. On Sunday, January 7, with reference to own sources reports 78.ru.

“Employees UFSIN of Russia across Petersburg and Leningrad region in the presence of the inmates were brutally beaten up, accused and convicted. To date, among the victims — 12 persons. Episodes recorded in December last and January of the current year”, — stated in the message.

As noted, the prisoners were also placed in the psychiatric ward, where they were forced to take strong drugs.
Untried and convicted were recently transferred to the prison “Kresty-2” from the old prison “Crosses” on Arsenalnaya embankment in St.-Petersburg.

On 14 November it became known that a group of young people broke into the jail building “Crosses-2” before its commissioning, took my walk on video and posted the recording on YouTube.

Jail for four thousand people, became the largest detention centre in Europe. The adventurers inspected the camera, the security room, bathrooms, and even found a bomb shelter. How the stalkers got on the territory of regime object is unknown.


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