On foot in Sudak


Before fishing, we begin to weigh all “for” and “against”: how far to go and what to do if in the right place walleyes will be? To walk 8 km (or even more) “empty-handed” – Oh, how I want. This time we decided to revive old and to go “far cordon”.

Yeah, go far away, but at that place are many places with interesting bottom topography. There is a “table” with a large Berchem, there are a few steep Svalov, in the course of the Volga river, has flooded the remnants of the forest.

So, something the fish will find it. Ice screws sharpened, the alarm is set.


It turns out that we have chosen the left Bank of the Volga river for our fishing landing. Morning frost tight, so the head wind seriously “prickly”. But today, this is the breeze blowing in the back, and the kilometers traveled are easier.

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On the first point decided “to be uncovered”. Check picks, unwind the rods. I immediately put on snow boots special spikes. Ice is slippery to walk a lot – better to wear.

Screws, bores like new, power in the hands of many more, hope in the shower even more. Only here, bites there is neither I nor my companion. After 45 minutes I decided to go further, because one bite of the 15 holes is a conversation about nothing.

On the second point we broke up. The companion went exactly by coordinates in the Navigator, and I saw a lot of old holes. So as not to drill there are a few not to try? For the third hole it happened!

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I am usually rattling make five strokes with pauses at the bottom, then five strokes with pauses at eye level (sitting on the box). This time I got out of the box, raised his hand and there brush made a wave. And he pulled! And to hook in how? Hand raised above the head. But somehow I managed it.

Pull out of hole good fanged. So Zander stands high from the bottom? I decided to walk through the first hole, which bites, and the nearest saw another bite. Not so high, but above the bottom at 1.5 meters.

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Then I started all the holes to do five strokes at the bottom, the five points of 1.5 metres and the same amount above the head. If more takes will be higher than two metres – then podmiotu line and I will purposefully catch above the bottom, occasionally checking depth.

But it so happened that most of the bites were either on the bottom or higher by 1-1.5 meters.


Photo: Alexey Kolomiets.

The second perch pecked around the bottom and climbed out of the hole as black as pitch. Apparently nearby are some twigson or a stump, under which he hid and waited for me. On this stump I have hitched a bait on the swing.


Interestingly it turned out with different baits. After two bites happened in the neighboring hole, and immediately was born the idea to raslovici some new rattlin. After all, walleye are likely here somewhere!

But as soon as I change rattling to another, as the bite continued. Two series of 3-4 holes around the place where was the bite – and nothing else. The bait is not like perch or not?

I again put that bite and on the second time going round the same holes and… also nothing!

So, before I write off the new rattlin! Continue the experiment. But faith in the bait is almost the most important quality!

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In General, for these experiments I was losing momentum search of walleye, of course behind the tails from his friend. He caught on already resloving them Mottomo Blade Vib, and sometimes replaced it with another to Dolomiti careful of Zander, who took the bait, but not spotted.

Shift asks baits when bites become thieving. The impression that pike is afraid to attack it. Then you can put something else, and the other, rattlin – another game. I also managed to raslovici this lure last fishing.

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The bite happened still high, and the walleye was the biggest of the day for three anglers. This crank is good to catch at the new location. It weighs 27 g., sinks faster, brighter “hums” at a stroke – it is good to explore the bottom topography and to sh the lower edge of the drop off into the channel.

But my hole depth was 14 metres, depth was walking smoothly at 20-30 cm I caught on, rattlin Akara Vib Master 16, In him I believe the next fishing after you receive this lure in the mail.

As I said, razdavlivanija crankbaits – a thankless job. But when it happens it is a double joy. And fish caught, and the box added another catchability rattling.

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On this day in Akara I caught the most fish and had it test. Other lures somehow unlucky. On Usami Daiba, I saw two strikes but couldn’t hook in. On the bright rattlin German Bay Vibe held something big, but he fell off in the process of a fight.


Photo: Alexey Kolomiets.

Towards evening more bites happened near the bottom. Sometimes the pike attacked the bait directly on the lowering or second stroke. Sometimes first gave to understand that he was there, and then dobavliala on the break with a great shot.

Activity of biting it should be noted that in the afternoon the wind blew and snow. Guess how it affected the walleye bite? And that’s not guessed! My bites became smaller, but the dude conversely bites increase.

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It is clear that here still plays the role of a place for which the angler came out. Someone found an active fish, and someone persuaded the passive and the wind and snow nothing to do with. I mean, we often seek the causes of their own failures and do not suspect that the same reasons someone was playing a completely opposite role.

Ago we dragged their sleds, which were seven perch. Draw. But fishing liked them both.

No one bothered us, we were looking for his fish and found. We tried different bait, different horizons and different drawings of the game. Fish that responded and encouraged our efforts daring a bite.


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