On Facebook Marketplace has started to sell a very unexpected products


The service sold weapons and drugs.

The Facebook platform Marketplace opened on October 3 and within hours, it appeared the announcement of the sale of narcotics, revolvers and machine guns.

After just a few hours after the launch of the trading platform Facebook Marketplace, it began to sell arms, drugs and – of baby hedgehogs.

According on the evening of Monday, weapons prices started from $ 150 for the gun, $ 325 asked for a revolver, but the hedgehog was selling for only 50 dollars.

In this trade as drugs weapons and animals is prohibited by the rules of the Facebook Marketplace. In addition, users are forbidden to submit announcements about the sale of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

“We are working to resolve this issue and will carefully monitor our systems to ensure that we correctly identify violations before the Marketplace will cover a large number of people,” says Mary-Kyu, Director of product management at Facebook.


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