OMS: take to cancel?


ОМС: взять да отменить?

Big news came from the Federation Council.

At the meeting of the scientific expert Council on implementation of tasks outlined in the address of the President, the speaker Valentina Matvienko has proposed to allocate funds to medical institutions through the structure of the Ministry of health directly from the Federal and regional budgets, bypassing the mandatory medical insurance Fund and the insurance system to make a voluntary, or radically change the system of financing of medical services in the country.

What could make the third ranking official in the Russian vertical of power to publicly throw a rock in system of obligatory medical insurance, in which there are about 2 trillion people’s rubles? I mean – crazy money transferred to the government as taxes to provide quick and quality treatment of patients.

Valentina declared firmly that money too freely dispose of these insurance companies:

“How much money citizens is spent on the maintenance of these insurance companies?! It’s just the counter for pumping the money of the citizens. And what is the efficiency of the insurance company? Visit the region – the most beautiful building at the FIU offices, HIF, FSS. Here it takes money. And this is called efficient?!”

The speaker waved to the medical insurance! This system was built at the dawn of homegrown liberalism, when half-educated “economists saulabi” broke the Soviet social security mechanisms, introducing recipes overseas textbooks or advisors of foreign mechanisms foreign, very different.

It was then between the state and the need of social support for the citizens arose intermediaries – thick padding in the form of all of these funds.

Copy of their smart from foreign models, the “reformers” failed, missing deliberately or illiteracy important details. Because it happened – their funds is honed to multiply funds and the taxpayers to pay for their treatment, and “our” more suitable for the enrichment of the heads of these funds.

The first huge scandal in the HIF happened in the fall of 2006, when prosecutors arrested virtually the entire leadership headed by its Director Andrey Taranov.

A criminal case was instituted on the results of the audit of the accounts chamber of the organization for 2005, it was a question of crimes under two articles of the criminal code – “Abuse of authority” and “bribery”.

Four years later, again! In August 2010, the country found out about the promotion “the case of CT scanners” have a chance to become the most notorious corruption scandal. The cost of scanners and other expensive medical equipment was overstated at times, they were bought through a third party, with each resale the price has increased several times.

Continued – in September 2017. The Prosecutor General’s office found that HIF by denying money to rural health posts, spend budget money for purchase of apartments to the management.

For example, the Deputy head of the Fund received for this purpose 11.5 million rubles, while the official in the property has already been two apartments in the United Arab Emirates, plus a large apartment in Moscow. The Fund has allocated five of its leaders of 45 million rubles.

The investigators noted that the background dramatically improve the lives of the chiefs organization debts of the hospitals in the regions may reach hundreds of millions and even billions of roubles. Here is an enchanted place this FOMS: the flow of public funds here abruptly changes direction and instead of clinics and hospitals swerving into the pockets of officials.

“Public money is public medical institutions are transferred through private commercial intermediaries – say the experts of the Ministry of health. – We have a structure of OMS interested in the growth of the volume of medical services, but not interested in the results of treatment. The main thing is to treat longer and more expensive to put in his pocket. System cost aimed at the growing number of patients, and especially to increase the proportion of seriously ill patients with long-term or chronically occurring diseases. All this is contrary to the objectives of the state and society!”

So in our current reality works was in which huge budget money is injected first in a commercial organization, and then to be sent to the state clinics and hospitals. It theoretically.

But he and the mediator to him for sticking bills. As the Creator of the research Institute for management and economic problems, Ministry of health Yury Komarov, from the budget of the OMC in the way of funds to hospitals leaches about 14%, which is about 238 billion.

According to the official conclusions of the accounting chamber, in 2015, the MMI system has lost 30.5 billion that insurance companies spent on their own needs, and in 2017, the joint venture recorded an increase of 26-39% of tariffs for services provided by the hospitals within the system.

The number of scandals in the HIF, as well as the transformation of ordinary officials in the big crooks, as soon as they sit in the authoritative offices of the Fund, clearly – have to close up shop and go to a direct short circuit “the Federal budget medical institution”. I think the speaker of the Federation Council not accidentally voiced this idea right now when among the ruling elites began the race for the post of the new head of government.

The participants in this race should also pay attention to the Pension Fund, which runs a similar scheme and which are constantly short of money. Maybe to shorten it and return to the Soviet model “budget – social security – retired”?! I do remember that it is strongly complained…


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