Olympics 2018: gold Austria in the Luge, the victory of France in freestyle


At the Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang awarded medals in Luge and freestyle.

High drama ended with the final in the competition Luge-singles. Felix Loch walked confidently to his third individual victory at the Olympics, but for a few tens of meters to the finish line was a huge mistake and instantly lost a big advantage over the nearest
pursuer. The goof in the last attempt only took 18-th place and fell back outside the top-3.

Olympic champion sensationally became the Austrian David Gleicher previously never won major tournaments. Silver with track record won American Chris Mazdzer, and the bronze medal to Germany will bring Johannes Ludwig.

Ukrainians Anton Dukach and Andrew Manzi in a final attempt not qualified.

The results of the final:

1. David Gleicher (Austria) – 3.10,702
2. Chris Mazdzer (USA) – 3.10,728
3. Johannes Ludwig (Germany) – 3.10,932

23. Anton Dukach (Ukraine) +2.639
40. Andrew Manzi (Ukraine) +16.530

Frenchwoman Perrine Laffon in 18 years, won the women’s moguls, ahead of champion Sochi, Justine Dufour-Lapointe by just 0.09 points.
Ukrainian woman Tatyana Petrova in the qualification took the last place in the ending has not got.

The results of the final:

1. Perrine Laffon (France) – 78,65
2. Justine Dufour-Lapointe (Canada) – Of 78.56
3. Julia Galysheva (Kazakhstan) Is 77,40

After the second day Germany thanks to the victory biathlete Arnd Peiffer kept the lead in the medal standings of the Olympic games-2018:


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