Olympics 2018: Canada won the gold in figure skating, the US victory in slope style


At the Olympic games in Pyeongchang next day started with draw of medals in figure skating and freestyle.

Canada became the second winner of the team competition in Olympic history. The first gold in Pyeongchang Canadians ensured the victory of Patrick Chan in the long program, the success of Vertu Tessa and Scott Moir in ice dancing, as well as a maximum 10 points from Megan Duhamel and Eric Radford in the pairs program.

Olympic Champions in the team competition were Patrick Chan, kaitlyn Osmond, Gabrielle Dalman, Megan Duhamel, Eric Radford, Tessa Vertu and Scott Moir.

Final standings:

1. Canada – 73 points
2. Olympic athletes of Russia – 66
3. US – 62
4. Italy – 56
5. Japan – 13

Jamie Anderson became a two-time Olympic champion in slope style. Due to wind and weather the athletes were only two attempts – with Anderson the first time performed their program with no critical bugs and set sky-high bar for competitors.

Thus, in slope-style at the Olympic games winning only athletes from the United States. In women, both gold on the account Jamie Anderson, and men became Champions of the sage, Kotsenburg and Redmond Gerard.

The results of the final:

1. Jamie Anderson (USA) – 83,00
2. Lauri Blouin (Canada) Is 76,33
3. Annie Rukajärvi (Finland) Is 75,38


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