Olympic Pyeongchang eyes Darya Aslamova: beer instead of vodka, casual Dating and kissing in the wind


Olympic Pyeongchang eyes Darya Aslamova: beer instead of vodka, casual Dating and kissing in the wind

Due to hurricane force winds and blizzards at the Olympics cancelled all the competitions under the open sky. What happens when there is no competition about it in the report by our special correspondent



Олимпийский Пхенчхан глазами Дарьи Асламовой: пиво вместо водки, случайные знакомства и поцелуи на ветруThe journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Daria Aslamova Olympic in Pyeongchang.Photo: Daria ASLAMOVA

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Oh, how sadly. When we, journalists, are on a storm wind waiting for the bus, which runs between the Olympic cities, we all look like the soldiers of Napoleon at Moscow. Wrapped so that only visible red noses and eyes, chapped cheeks, snotty, coughing. Some stupid “nice” blankets with cubs, which we were given in the press center. Korean journalists in a medical mask.

The ranks of the fighters for the sport noticeably thinned out. At first the people mowed norovirus (people call it stomach flu). Vomiting, diarrhea and high fever. Hospitals crowded with sufferers. On the opening of the Olympics, the toilet queue was just obscene (endemic diarrhea – the most discussed topic among journalists). When, my husband called me to congratulate with Valentine’s day, I started a new topic: “Leave me alone! I’m on the toilet!”What to do? Koreans everywhere hung posters fun, in kindergarten, on which the Olympic symbol – the tiger Shoring advised to close the nose and mouth with your sleeve when you cough and bear, Bandai (another symbol) recommends washing hands with soap and water. Not help. Along came the flu.

Олимпийский Пхенчхан глазами Дарьи Асламовой: пиво вместо водки, случайные знакомства и поцелуи на ветру

Tips good Koreans. “Wash your hands before eating”. Meanwhile, hospitals are already dozens of victims of the nanovirus.Photo: DARIA ASLAMOVA

The level of understanding with the local population of the Olympic village near – zero. In English, nobody speaks. This is not Seoul. People in small provincial towns and had no idea that this, like the aliens will land, tens of thousands of foreigners. Even the volunteers can barely say a few words. But a lot of smiles and bows. Joking with them is impossible. The sense of humor of Koreans from specific. More precisely, in the European sense does not. Asians – serious people.

Korean MOE are really annoying. On the cell phone screen constantly appears something threatening. I immediately rush to the Koreans. Last translation texts were brilliant: “You waiting for a disaster and a great misfortune”.


The middle of the night, and I broke transactions from the recorder. I’m desperate. As I explain in my South Korean hole that I need. Fortunately, I meet local journalists at the Motel, and they don’t speak English, then bring the transactions. But here’s the problem: I can’t transfer the entry to Moscow, the Internet is not drawn. Knocking at the room to the Korean colleagues. They are in the wild confusion. The woman in the room! Darted, rushed to get out. Then with a bow invited. They have Korean-style mattresses on the floor and in my bed. Sit on the floor, and using the Google translator, I explain that we need to send the audio files. You, the broadcasters, you have the Internet powerful. Help! Suddenly they begin to feel embarrassed and muttering. What’s wrong?! One Korean friend jumps up and runs into the tub, pulling the towel and covers my feet! I’m sitting on the floor, knees, strip naked. (“Oh, cover your pale legs!”) But I’ll give them that: material moved quickly. And then a long bow and wrote on the phone in Russian, always happy to help, contact us at any time.


It’s… uh… peculiar. A lot of cubes, diamonds, columns, pyramids. There are the beginnings of social realism in the form of a schematic athletes climbing the hill. But the most touching sculpture is right in front of the press center in Pyeongchang, and is a wild people fun. Three of the male body with a carefully moulded and genitals with pots on their heads. Only one Japanese journalist (the Japanese, they are meticulous) thought to ask what it means, and carefully recorded the name: “Morigeau”. Later it turned out that in translation it means: “I don’t know.”

Олимпийский Пхенчхан глазами Дарьи Асламовой: пиво вместо водки, случайные знакомства и поцелуи на ветру

Masterpiece of architecture.Photo: DARIA ASLAMOVA


When you sit at night in a cold unheated room with two blankets, wall crawling something unknown (not the cockroach I killed him with a slipper and had carefully studied), really want to drink, but where? In the center of town to get late and cold. Must be in the district at least one hot spot! For a long time to explain to the Motel owner that needs the bar. She’s waving at me: go to the forest, there’s a big hotel. And I went in the night forest. Terribly. The wind is howling. Sea storm. Then I went to the field. In short, I drag myself back to civilization. Everything sparkles, shimmers and burns. Ask at the entrance to the hotel: where’s the bar? Korean girl asks. I begin in every way to pronounce the word “bar”. Not understand. Ran for help. Came another Korean girl. Then two more. (This is because they have taken.) Then I used another magic word “drink” (from the English. – drink.). He nodded and ran off. Two Englishmen, who just enjoyed the Comedy, finally deigned to explain: “Bar on the sixteenth floor. Hurry, it closes soon”. I to the Elevator, and myself. Run four girls, and in the hands of their large bottles of water! Well, what are you gonna do with them?!

Олимпийский Пхенчхан глазами Дарьи Асламовой: пиво вместо водки, случайные знакомства и поцелуи на ветру

The sculpture “Businessman on holiday”Photo: DARIA ASLAMOVA



Many of them. Good instances in good physical shape. Young and not so young, but most are smart, with a good level of testosterone. But few women. Such a nice disproportion. Everyone drinks beer (strong alcohol is terribly expensive). But courtship from sports journalists and fans of the game. So the bulls hitting on a chick. Of course, I can ten minutes to maintain meaningless conversation about Curling and bobsleigh (still how the hell do you know about it), but here is an attempt to expand their horizons doomed to failure. The most popular joke: how do you call it – Russian or the Olympic girl from Russia? Ha ha! Somehow, all like to show that they have no ring on your finger, and all the people they are free. Like, do not miss, friend. You have the chance. And I show everyone the ring on her finger and pictures of her husband and child. Not work. Athletes and people resistant. Winning comes first, and then look at. Go to the goal, despite the obstacles. You got cold in the room? So I’ll keep you warm. Do you like whiskey? And in my room the bottle. Honestly, we have some Muhos…the ansk intelligent men tended to methods of approach and kolentsi.

Normally, I would say that I get up early, jump out to the street to the taxi and hurriedly kissing in the cold. A promise to meet again melts faster than ice in a glass of whiskey. Here he is, Olympic Pyeongchang-gun, beer, excitement, hurried and casual encounters kisses in the wind.


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