Olga Gorbachev shared personal secrets


Famous Ukrainian singer Olga Gorbachev and producer Yuri Nikitin has marked the second anniversary after the reunification of the family.

Yuri Nikitin gave his wife the sacred jewelry Oberig Jewelry with diamonds and lapis lazuli.
Olga Gorbachev was timed to this date, his second video clip in the project “White Element”. In the clip, the singer talks about what happened in her life after divorce, shares revelations about jealousy and rivals and admits that he fought not only for her husband, but calls himself a “General concern”. Her new work is called “Self strength”.

“Blank verse is a separate Chapter in my work and in your life. You will listen to them and cry, you will cry and be happy, because you will receive answers to emotional questions,” talks about his project Olga.
She noted that the first video from its project has caused women a lot of inspiration and many sent her in response to their blank verse. Women so struck by the verses Gorbacheva that they asked her to change the name to Nikitin, as they think that Olga is a very unconventional sounds in his new married life.

“In the group of participants of the marathon started a real mental battle, the heart of the strip, the sea of tears and genuine liberation from the old blocks,” added the actress.

This marathon is currently involved more than 5,000 women. Olga Gorbachev said that to join the job and get answers to difficult internal questions at any stage. Only the singer plans to release the 11 clips to the end of the summer.


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