Olga Freimut talked to the Kiev metro


Leading entertained Kiev a nice conversation in the car.

Popular TV host Olga freymut never ceases to amaze fans with new tricks. The star decided to go down to the station and talk with the Ukrainians.

It would seem that after Olga Freimut disgraced with the distribution of the kittens near the Verkhovna Rada, she will not be able to surprise the Ukrainians. However, the talented TV presenter still managed to do it – the star came down in the capital’s subway and train in the usual subway.

In a picture published on the page of Olga freymut in Instagram leading sitting next to a man of venerable age and actively talks to him. This is probably not one of the angry commentators celebrity, which Freimut decided to come to work, and one of the characters in her new show “Olya”. This may be indicative of cryptic text to a photo.

Soon the details … Thanks to the team for a great mood
– announced Olga Freimut.

New photo presenter caused a lot of comments. People joked that Olga Freimut, which keeps the knees MOP calendars, I decided to work as a seller in the subway. Others asked, or is it possible to Express their opinion regarding photos of Olga Freimut, or she will once again appear on their “offenders”.


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