Olga Freimut pleased family the


Some fans criticized.

The other day on the fan page of Olga freymut in Instagram published a photo of the famous presenter, where she posed with her grandmother Yulia Iosifovna and grandfather Nikolay. Shots were taken in the beautiful, as seen by the photos, the house, and each of them smiled broadly at the camera, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to clutch.ua.

Some users of the social network still felt that the freimuth helps financially to elderly relatives as they look unhappy, with incomes below the average. However, fans of the presenter immediately came to her defense and spoke about the comments of haters.

“People!!! You all wrong!!! Torn socks? What? If they have a granddaughter Freimut, what, they’re brand new things to go? The elderly live like everyone else, and at that age they like it, that’s old… And cool to come to the village to grandma and grandpa when they are alive, there is always warm and cozy. And do not care for those socks, all pensioners save, and I’m sure they have more than I need, but will still live as they lived. They will hide somewhere in the closet new things, the money their children and grandchildren to give and to keep and store. So there will be. Appreciate what we have,” wrote one of the fans.


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