Olga Freimut intrigued new the


Ukrainian TV presenter shared an intriguing photograph of Pavel Kostitsyn.

Olga Freimut shared on Instagram a fresh photograph in which she is depicted with her colleague Pavel Kostitsyn. Signed television diva your photo: “Paul Privtae s Desailly project.”.

In a matter of hours the number of likes for the fresh Freimut increased to more than 15 thousand. And in the comments seething storm of emotions. Almost all followers of Olga thought that she was the “man X” in the new season of the project, which leads Pavel Kostitsyn.

Some have suggested that a large TV was invited to the show as co-host. But it was really the case, everyone will know a little later.

More followers Olga Freimut suggested that she was pregnant for the fourth time, because she took such a pose on the chair that her tummy is a little rounder. Now commentators think-guessing, blame bad posture or does Olga to be congratulated.


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