Olga Cybulski shared rules for the education of his son


Olga Cybulski. Photo: instagram.com/cybulskaya

Famous Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Olga Cybulski in Instagram shared with subscribers of its rules of parenting a son. LeMоnade offers tips from celebrity moms.

The first rule Cybulski says – do not ban without explanation.

No, because mom and dad decided – not an argument. The baby needs to hear a clear explanation, if you want to build relationships, not just your authority. And before you say no, I also think. Often we are too lazy to pay more attention and monitor closely the first attempt of the child. It seems to us that, adult things more important than the desire to mix Nutella with cream, to check the result,” wrote the singer.

Cybulski with his son Nestor. Photo: instagram.com/cybulskaya

The second rule of star moms – to ask that the child loves (to eat, do, see, hear).

Tastes change with age, of course. But some sort of trend Hobbies we can monitor and teach the child to speak out loud about their desires. Then (I think) adult life will be spent on the thrill of bold effects and not searching for the basic “what I want” – says Cybulski.

The third rule, which has made the singer – to perceive the child as a full family member with a personal point of view. Give him the right to choose their own clothes, books, be involved in establishing the family plans for the weekend.

We always go to walk (ride to eat) in a place which, like the Nestor,” said Olga.

Writes Cybulski, Nestor only 4 years old, and she’s only in 4th grade “parenthood” so that her “diary covered in red pen.” But, according to the star mother, she’s “ready to learn with love”.

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