Olga Cybulski said, why not show her husband


The husband of the singer is not committed to the popularity.

Ukrainian singer and TV presenter hides the family from prying eyes.

Star mom Olga Cybulski refers to celebrities who do not like to show his family and sharing details of his personal life. Recently, however, the singer starred with her son in a photo shoot for the famous glossy.

But her husband Cybulski hides carefully. According to the presenter, her husband not a public person and is not ready for the popularity.

When people live a long time in the marriage then they periodically come into the sex shop, to somehow diversify their sexual life. Perhaps when we become bored in the marriage, and we want to add a little bit of gossip, together with her husband appear on some cover, – said Olga in an interview for “social life”.

Unlike beloved Olga, her son Nestor don’t mind being known.

In that moment, as Nestor began to look at their photos in Instagram and ask “why can’t see me“ or “why a photo from the back“ I realized he was ready so I showed it to the public, – the singer admits.


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