Oleg Vinnik spoke, how was your birthday


The artist went to warmer climes, where he relaxovat near the sea.

Singer Oleg Vinnik, which is July 31, celebrated its 46th anniversary, has told how this year spent his birthday, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

Usually, the artist celebrates the holiday with loved ones without the pompous feasts and parties. In the same year, the artist went on vacation in Greece, on the island of Corfu.

“I’ve heard interesting things about Greece, but until now never there was. And after several concert tours felt that the vacation I just needed. Otherwise, before the New year does not make it… To your birthday just laid there and watched the sea. Silently,” admitted Oleg.

On a question of journalists, what song Vinnik performed this year most often, the singer said: “Volchitsa” without “Happiness” does not happen… And “Happiness” without “Nino”. Don’t know how many thousand times I’ve sang, but I never get tired of. Every time I re-experience those feelings and emotions with which I wrote these songs. But my favorite song is “yesterday”. This song to me is so intimate that every time I sing it, as in the first.”

In addition, the musician has shared the nearest targets and openly talked about what he wants now.

“There are big plans for live shows. Still want to go to Berlin to work in the Studio on new songs before an autumn tour. But the biggest goal or dream is intangible. Spend more time with his family. We have each other rarely see. There was a period when I worked very hard, he dedicated himself to creativity: concerts, scenes, people… the Picture changed as in a kaleidoscope. But now I have a new stage: achieved a lot, and I really want to get to that moment, to just enjoy life,” said the contractor.

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Friends! Vchora VI meni podorvali bagato happiness I Lubov❤ this Today I otpravlyayu his love to you!!!🎈🎈🎈 Thank you all for vashi privman th obajana😍

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