Oleg Vinnik responded to accusations of plagiarism


The singer revealed the results of a music examination.

In the middle of last summer, known in the 1980s English pop group, Joy stated that the main blond Ukrainian show-business Oleg Vinnik in his “Nino” uses without permission are very similar to their music.

Andy Schweitzer wrote the song Touch by Touch in 1984, and according to the author of the melody, the riffs in the song of Oleg Vinnik very similar to the original.

“I like his version. But our first song was a hit everywhere,” – commented on the music scandal and the Austrians promised to conduct the examination.

But in less than six months, as winnik was again accused of plagiarism. Recently in the Ukrainian media appeared information about the fact that a Edel Lynn said that Oleg Vinnik allegedly stole the song his wife Lara Meltemi.

According to Edel Lynn winnick met his wife in 2002 at a music festival. While Dating an aspiring actor received as a gift a few music CDs with compositions of Lara, writes the edition Clutch.

However, after a while, Lara was forced to leave the scene for health reasons. And in 2012 her lawyer saw on the Internet the song “capture me”, only to have authorship Oleg Vinnik.

According to Edel Lynn this song is not owned by winnick and was written in 2001.

“This is how stupid you have to be to in a time when there is the Internet, decide on the theft, in the hope that no one finds out?”, – outraged Edel Lynn.

In turn, the Ukrainian artist and his press service denies information about plagiarism and provided editorial Scotch conclusion of experts Scientifically-research Institute of intellectual property National Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine.

After the analysis of musical compositions, the experts came to the conclusion that plagiarism in the song of Oleg Vinnik no.

It should be noted that the examination also denied the information about plagiarism Oleg Vinnik songs of Joy “Touch by Touch”.

“If there is a claim – need to resolve the issue in court. This is a normal European approach. I’ve worked abroad and know how it apply to copyrights, never violated. I am an honest artist, he write the words and music, and perform it himself”, – commented Oleg Vinnik.

The artist also said that for the protection of business reputation and refutation of unreliable information common lawyer winnick filed a lawsuit. The case accepted for consideration by the Pechersk district court of Kyiv.


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