Oil production in Saudi Arabia fell by half after the attack drones


Oil production in Saudi Arabia fell by half after the attack drones
Attack using drones to objects Saudi Aramco was the largest attack on oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia over the last ten years.
The drone attack on the national oil company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco has resulted in a reduction of the level of oil production in the Kingdom almost doubled. It is reported Bloomberg citing a source familiar with the situation. Information is confirmed by three well-informed source Reuters.

The sources for both agencies say that Saudi Aramco after the attack, was forced to cut production by 5 million barrels per day, which is half the daily production volume. The interlocutors Reuters also report that the attack broke and the export of oil, but specific figures are not cited.

According to the statistical review of world energy market, which annually produces BP, oil production in Saudi Arabia to 2018 to 10.5 million barrels./day, export — 7.4 million bbl./day
Attack of the drones on the objects of the company Saudi Aramco.
The state news Agency Saudi Press Agency reported Saturday that the Saudi Aramco facilities at about 4:00 local time was attacked by drones. It was reported that the attacked were the objects of large deposits in Abqaiq and Horise. After the attack on the objects of the fires began, they managed to localize and take control. Other details in the message are not activated

One of the attacked object was the installation of preparation of oil (purifies the oil of impurities) in Abqaiq, Saudi Aramco, which he calls “the world’s largest plant for stabilization of crude oil”. The plant is located in 60 km from the city of Dhahran in the Eastern province of the Kingdom and can handle up to 7 million tonnes of barrels of raw material daily. Complex in Horice is located about 160 km from Riyadh. According to estimates Aramco, the reserves there amount to over 20 billion barrels of oil.

“Abqaiq is the heart of the [oil] system, and there had a heart attack”, — quotes Bloomberg words of the observer in OPEC and consultant IHS Markit Roger Diwana. “We just don’t know the seriousness of [the incident]”, he added.



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