Oil is rising again


Нефть снова дорожает

Нефть снова дорожает


In full compliance with my predictions of the price of oil has crossed $ 70 and confidently went on up.

Why is this happening? I repeat the obvious: we injected the oil under the ground, we will siphon the oil out of the ground. Of oil on the planet is less hidden it farther and in more uncomfortable places. Because of this, in the long term, oil is downright destined to increase, which promises to be even more severe that in recent years oil prices were very low and oil companies were not able to invest either in exploration or in the development of new deposits.

Added heat exchanges and the bumbling romp of the Americans. An attack on Syria, threats to Iran and sanctions against Russia only encourage the oil to increase, and investors to Thrifty shopping.

A very interesting event on may 12 — the day the US President may refuse to renew the agreement with Iran. If it is a drastic decision be made, oil with a high probability will continue to rise… that could not be more satisfied closely on friendly terms with the American oil companies Donald trump.

Yes, now somewhere in the polluted area of Ukraine began to cry a little, all flung Ukrainian. He believed the Sexton, which said that “Omeriga drop the price of oil, and Raschke dead”. But the opposite is happening.


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