Oil is more expensive than 76. The gift trump the Russian President on inauguration day?


Нефть дороже 76-ти. Подарок Трампа президенту России в день инаугурации?

Oil today, stepped through the next price level, breaking the previous records of the last months. At this moment, a barrel of Brent crude oil is trading at 76,1 dollar. This is the highest figure since November 2014.

What the economic experts explain the next stage of rise in price of “black gold”? The main reason for the increase in oil prices is called the rhetoric of U.S. President Donald trump. It’s about his repeated statements about the imminent release of the so-called deal with Iran. Only one of these statements, a barrel of Brent crude over the past few weeks in total added about 10% of the cost.

The contribution to the increase in oil prices contributes to the deepening economic crisis in Venezuela, which is one of the largest exporters of “black gold” on the world market. The United States also do the trick.

After Brent crept up and the barrel of WTI. For the first time since September 2014 the oil of this brand is trading at levels above $ 70 per barrel.

The rise in oil prices must be enthusiastically perceived by those who will be a part of the “new” Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation. Some of the names already announced candidate for the post of Chairman of the Cabinet Dmitry Medvedev.

After all, even with the current prices for “black gold” of the Cabinet of Ministers has a chance and without much painstaking work to get income to the Treasury, allowing to implement social projects outlined by the President. And given that economic experts are predicting a summer barrel more expensive than 80 dollars, this trend is fit to be called a gift from trump to the new Russian government and the President on inauguration day…

Social networks just kidding: 76 percent in the elections of Vladimir Putin, trump supported a barrel more expensive than the $ 76.


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