Oh, sport, you – not the world!


О, спорт ты - не мир!

О, спорт ты - не мир!

In his best years I have had the pleasure to know one is pleasant in all respects a lady who lived with two children of different ages and gender. For leisure, they loved to play cards, checkers and chess in a quiet and pleasant family atmosphere. Often I would join this fun, easily beating what I thought, malaekahana rivals. I enjoyed it until, until I noticed that nobody tries to win, and the purpose of their game from time to time becomes a draw. I, as a man steeped in the traditions of the indispensable overcoming of and domination, it seemed strange and tired quickly. Your upbringing a woman was carrying, as it seemed to me then, harm to their children, inducing them to compromise, leniency and, what is especially harmful, depriving the son of a combative nature.

Years passed, life taught me to appreciate peace and understanding in the family, to meet or to give in, not always winning in their private aspirations, but achieving, everyone is happy and no one humiliating victory. Often my important goals was false or momentary, and now a lot of things in that old life experience seems to me worthy of interest, attention and respect. Now, when so much noise around about our ancient achievements and the current shameful defeat, when the notions of patriotism and pride for the Motherland is associated with a long-conquered and forgotten medals, when suddenly a naked smelly widespread system of doping abuse, I think that is beyond the scope of the topic is the main problem of modern sports.

The inherent nature of competition as an instrument of natural selection in the struggle for better food, a cave or a sexual partner. Babies are contesting the mother’s breast, children fighting over toys in the sandbox, teenagers compete in studies and games, and adults in the prestige, prosperity, social status. Men compete in strength and agility, the women in the beauty and cunning. Over the century significantly changed the appearance of the forms and methods of such a struggle, checkbook replaced the cudgel and plastic surgery replaced the primitive stick in the nose. But the essence remains the same – getting-satisfaction, material benefits and sex appeal from the self-exaltation and the humiliation of the opponent in any areas it wouldn’t place.

The Olympic games that emerged long before our era in Ancient Greece, was not only the identification of the most outstanding athletes, but also the glorification of the Respondent States policies and the establishment of even a temporary peace. This noble idea was picked up by Pierre de Coubertin more than a century ago and re-established on its basis the modern Olympic games under the motto “Faster, higher, stronger!”. But very quickly the lofty ideals trampled by politics. Her in favor of Games were used for propaganda and confirmation of the superiority of their ideas, building, or race, as a proof of the inferiority of other States, ideologies or nationalities. Not far behind the big business of advertising their brands. Now each competition results in struggle for a prize or sponsorship money.

Large sport of Amateur became a professional. Even in Ancient Rome, Gladiator battles were not so much honest lists for life, or death, as large-scale commercial show with special effects and extras. The elite already knew that the plebs need bread and circuses to keep him in subjection. This simple technology is successfully used and now, with the aim of diverting the least developed mentally and politically part of the population from the really pressing issues. Not by chance in recent years there has been so much sports competitions of different scales that have been highlighted by our media and TV is much broader and more active than, for example, the Presidential elections, lawmaking of the state Duma or the war in Syria or the Ukraine.

For this arranged various competitions, festivals and competitions with all the new competition for the best buttocks and the muscles, speed eating of hamburgers, carrying wives, the throwing of iPhones and other Miss or Mrs. something or other. But it is though that the Lord has given, and what does it have car and motorcycle races, horse or cockroach races, the yacht races and balloon or tank biathlon? Yes, there are competitions in ballroom dancing and poker, competitions of young mathematicians and programmers, computer games, singing and theatre festivals. They are attended by a lot of people and it is strange that many of them are not yet included in the Olympic program instead of some unknown who needs we have Curling, bobsled or skeleton. By the way, all know – what is it?.

I myself as a child loved to drive with the ball in the yard, then played for the school, but it was always just General fun, and the goal was a joy, and a missed does not become a tragedy. Now much more passively gawking on the field than the players. And they gathered in the stands not so much for enjoying the game itself, but for the sense of being part of a large and dangerous swarms can overwhelm and crush his opponents. This is especially true in football, where parochial patriotism had become a cover for nationalism and aggression and stupid drunken rednecks. It serves as a catalyst for real bloody clashes between the fans of different teams, both local and international level, where real people are dying outside of the stadiums.

The current sport has nothing to do with rehabilitation. It is no coincidence that in the year we killed nearly 200 students in physical education classes, where untrained children are forced to strain to the limit of their capabilities, and many of them become disabled are already on the way to the high achievements and athletes before they leave to retire and live a long time is very rare. Them from his youth inspired the idea of the necessity of struggle, overcoming itself, and rivals, transforming his own body and spirit for the sake of victory at any cost. Because it gives them the opportunity to climb on social mobility, to achieve glory and high standard of living, depriving the sense of self, concepts of honor and dignity. This is most clearly seen in Boxing, MMA and other martial arts, where there are a lot of money.

Sports injure not only the body but also the soul of people, nor winners and losers. Victoria warms vanity triumph as long as there is someone who will be able to beat him, after which he will only have to admire the dull sheen of gold plated trinkets, remembering the moment of his fleeting fame and camorras from the inability to return to that moment. However, you need to understand that the winner is always only one and he stands on a huge pyramid of people he or other opponents when you lose and harbored inside the bitterness of defeat are often without hope of revenge. The vast majority of them never felt the taste of victory and forever got a feeling of inferiority. Not accidentally, many of them after retiring from the sport so quickly they drink too much and die.

In our public consciousness for many years has cultivated the image of noble and honest athlete, hateful defender of the Motherland, and almost a Savior of the Fatherland. However, the reality was very far from him. Often at the training camp flourished drunkenness, violence, smuggling, and even pedophilia. This is a great credit to their teachers, to educate not argue, and amoral supermen, standing above others and the law. It is no coincidence that the gangster brigade of the 90s were often formed almost entirely of former bullies, karate or shooters. This was facilitated by foreign films, openly glorifying the cult of force, robbers and swindlers. It has become customary to deceive, to hurt, to poison, even for the sake of victory over the competitor, its elevation and achieve the desired result.

It is obvious that there is no smoke without fire, and many of our vaunted Champions were pumped full of anabolic steroids and other stimulants, staying up to time with impunity. In order to accommodate the demands of coaches, officials and sponsors, or their own vanity, they ruined their own health, using the resources of the body beyond normal human capabilities. Yeah, so did and do many athletes and abroad, including the most vociferous of our competitors for the pedestals. But does it make sense to find out who is more longer, and some less used illegal supplements and procedures? Does this in itself questioned the possibility of reaching new records without the mutilation of human nature by genetic engineering and the creation of specialized mutants, forgetting about morality?

Such athletes have long turned into a living product that is grown as meat for sale. Buy them for picking teams not caring too much about their origin and nationality, often as a good investment or hobby for billionaire owners and sponsors. It got to the point that it became possible to create a club out of the blue, where previously such opportunities and not heard. That’s why our teams are not local natives, and in teams – so many foreigners from the most exotic countries. But this time our athletes leave for the West and East in pursuit of a buck and conditions for training. Well, what have their awards to the honor of our country and pride for their country or even their city or club?! For whom do we cheer? And they what to fight for except money?

It often happens that after becoming millionaires, these athletes quickly forget about the Motherland, moving to foreign clubs and national teams, transporting there family, acquire property and citizenship. And in Russia they go to train there, where they are paid more money and not loyal to their teams and cities, who raised and invested in their work and funds them to the coaches. They agree to play under any flag and coat of arms, sing any national anthem, representing only themselves. For them, the most important honor of the country’s personal advertising contracts from international corporations. What can we then be surprised of such a collective agreement to go to the Olympics, despite the negative public opinion of the majority of the population? They do not inspire patriotism to uplifting kyougikai belogorskogo production.

And such a brain trust we elect all sorts of thoughts. Practice shows, what laws to enact such jumpers aside, the runners, the walkers left and the fighters for another’s good. However, it is easy to guess for what services fall within the authorities of the wizard, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics and other acrobatics. By the way, about the ladies. I can understand when they compete in a variety of dancing, synchronised swimming or badminton, developing grace and flexibility, but what female in Boxing, weightlifting or American football? I believe that all women’s power sports and martial arts need to legislate against, and then we have the ladies and so become overinflated monsters, incapable of its primary function – procreation. But at the same time too and swordplay with firing.

In Russia we have thrown away insane the funds, contains a professional team for different types of the budgets of cities and regions or state-owned companies. Paid for their equipment, food, fees in warm countries and travel, built a huge and unnecessary stadiums, there are many sporty and officials of international organizations are not able to protect the interests of the country. And it is the development of mass and healing of children’s physical education! It is not clear why this is necessary in our society, why for the satisfaction of ambitions of a few thousand professional athletes and the mythical prestige of the state, robbing state employees and retirees, forcing you to collect at the surgery for sick children on TV.

Pride in your country or city arises not from a goal scored or received a medal, and a healthy economy, science, competent foreign and domestic policy, equal access to justice, quality education, dependable social security, culture, quality of health, dignity, security and protection of civil rights of a free man. And where to take it, if people are brought up in an effort to prove their superiority, to achieve material and moral benefits of immoral methods to win at any cost and with no regrets except the weak link? So isn’t it time to admit that our current activities are harmful and unnecessary public phenomenon that the state should, if not stop, at least not to support?

Isn’t it time to finally realize that the real achievement – this contract is a draw where everybody wins and where nobody loses? We all need to learn to find compromises, rather than compete. It is important both in private life and in public life, and at the international level. Misunderstanding of this is so unusual for our confrontational Outlook simple idea threatens not just the lack of peace and harmony in the family, and the physical and moral destruction, civilian and even a new world war. Victory for only one of the parties will be “Pyrrhic”, bringing only misery and destruction. You need to learn how to achieve overall success through honest negotiations based on mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual trust. I believe that only then can we make a really significant step ahead relative to our ancient ancestors, the cavemen.

PS I know there are many people – the TV fans, accustomed to such virtual entertainment. No problem, let them look their purely commercial shows on pay TV channels. Not coincidentally, we have a football championship takes place not in summer, and in winter, actually. Television, as the main sponsor, the fans in the stands don’t need. But the real, not the coaches, fans health will always find an opportunity to practice your favorite games privately and at their own expense. Well, the crafty merchants from the sport may make their circuses for the amusement of the audience themselves, without getting into the pocket and creating holes for corrupt officials ready to cut and take away any gratuitous funds under the pretext of development. But fools and suicidal let them participate.


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