Oh sooner, stands guard


Ох рано, встает охрана

Wasilewska impressive resonance shootout in the restaurant complex “Moscow-city” has convincingly demonstrated that the echoes of the nineties are observed in our days, and involved them and the security forces.

Recall that the incident occurred in the second half of November during the birthday celebration of a businessman in the past tried Dmitry Pavlov. Guards – the hero of the occasion and Gabriel Jushvaeva known in certain circles as Garik Makhachkala co-founder of “Wimm-bill-Dann,” an altercation in the Parking lot. The result is disappointing – a gunshot wound received six.

It soon became clear, Pavlova was guarded by the security forces – the representatives of “Resguardo”.

Thus, according to the adviser of the Director of the Department of Alexander Hinstein, were the men at the crime scene for legitimate reasons, according to the agreement on the protection of the car, not the person, as employees of the Federal state unitary enterprise have no such right. Who is the owner of the vehicle – does not matter.

Experts say that the scheme for a long time “squeezer”. Formal structure of “Resguardo” is a contract to protect a valuable cargo, but actually provided the security of the person accompanying the cargo. Ruslan milchenko, the head of FITS “Analytics and safety”, explains the ban on the protection of the people by the state’s reluctance to expose themselves to unnecessary reputational risk: “little if anything”.

Some sources say the possibility of targeted employment personal bodyguards Pavlova in the Russian – this is due to the fact that, as a rule, there are “written off” the police and the military, their salaries are in the structure, to put it mildly, is low (the figures in 27-35 thousand rubles). Pavlov was interested in the hardy, young, physically fit security guards who, of course, required a risk of life entirely different fees. By the way, it turned out that employees of FSUE insure every just on one million roubles. If we are to see the announcement of employment in the Firms, it is easy to find out what the average for the capital services of a personal bodyguard cost 1000 rubles per hour.

Due to low wages, overtime, and periodic requirements to provide more “expensive” the service at the cost of a “cheap” staff turnover in the SPC “Protection” is very high. Here is the head of the company Sergei Dandaev resigned immediately after the shooting incident allegedly urgently want to retire.

Earlier, before the creation of the “Resguardo”, FSUE “Protection” was subordinate to the interior Ministry, but after the formation of the structure was accountable to it. It is known that earlier there had spent several years with the son of the head of the “Resguardo” Roman Zolotov – as Deputy CEO.

The company well afloat, judging by the statements “protection” of its revenue over the past 11 months of the year is 17 and a half billion rubles. Currently under the protection of the Federal state unitary enterprise is 4.5 million objects scattered across the country, including jewelry factories, stores, apartments, luxury country houses and so on. Among the protected objects of the enterprise and government agencies, particularly building authorities, tax inspections, mail and the like. It is known that, for example, annually the protection of the government of the Tyumen region brings FGUP nearly 53 million rubles.

In other words, the FSUE “Protection” can be called a parastatal army with a large budget, 50 thousand “souls” and even the right to barge in on private property, if there is a corresponding need. But the General Director of the enterprise Stanislav Osipov – the real “dark horse”, because even a Declaration about his income does not appear in the public domain, what then to speak about other aspects of publicity.

As the lawyer of anti-corruption center “Yabloko” Alexey Karnaukhov media representatives not to publish the heads of the state enterprises of information about their income allows lacuna in the Russian legislation.

The expert believes that this situation is not proper, because the leaders of the FSUE, in fact, is also a public official and the duties must wear suitable, particularly if their activities involve corruption risks.

Work Osipova at the head of the “Protection” in this respect, exceptions are not represented. To understand this, it is enough to make the analysis of public procurement FSUE. So, in October of this year a tender was held at a cost of 15 million rubles for the development of new forms of employees. Participated in the tender only two firms (one of them, “Spetsshveysnab”, of course, won), whose founder, according to the register, is one and the same person – Igor Shal. While members of the press are unable to contact them to get comments for the above reason.

The head office of “Protection” also eloquently shows that the leaders themselves do not save. Its lease in the building with an area of five thousand square meters annually costs nearly a hundred million rubles and more expensive in this area of the room to find simply impossible.

Belongs to the structure of OOO “Investmentamount”, as the founder of which is Michael Schegolevskim – owner “the Wild Orchid” and ex-business partner of the Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk and son-in-law of ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. Now, as it turned out, the businessman is related to the structure of “Resguardo”.

Mikhail Petrov


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