Officials wanted more money for travel


Чиновники захотели больше денег за командировки

The Union of civil servants sent to the Russian tripartite Commission on regulation socially-labour relations the request to increase per diem on business trips. About this newspaper “Izvestia”, citing a copy of the letter.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia Nina Kuzmina noted that due to the small size of the payments to civil servants on business trips they have to bear the additional costs. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in quality of life, officials believe.

At the moment the statutory daily payments to employees of Federal agencies and extra-budgetary funds during business trips is $ 100.

In June, President Vladimir Putin explained that the high salaries of the Russian officials and leaders of state-owned companies due to the situation on the labour market and due to the need to hire these skilled positions. However, he expressed confidence that the gap between salaries of officials and heads of state companies and employees should not be too large.


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