Officials have stopped thinking about people (a new cry Beijing)


Чиновники перестали думать о народе (новый клич Пекина)

More than 29 thousand characters in 13 chapters, it looks like the report XI Jinping XIX Congress of the CPC, which he made on the eve before the 2280-th delegates “leading and guiding” party of China.

The current Congress of the CPC event, without exaggeration, historical, what became clear from the first minutes of the speech President XI. His report proposes a new development strategy until 2050, which in itself for the current times (when the political, economic and scientific-technological picture of the world is changing rapidly) — a step more than the bold.

In this strategy, which the Secretary-General of the CPC announced to the delegates from the 89-million-strong army of Communist China, by 2020 China intends to build a society of average income with numerous middle class and the complete eradication of poverty.

By 2035, “China rises to the level of the countries-leaders of innovative type”, this will complete the creation of the legal state, reduced the gap in income levels, including between urban and rural residents. By this time, planned to eliminate a protracted environmental crisis in the country. And finally, by 2050, “China’s aggregate national strength and international influence will be among the leading countries,” said XI Jinping to the applause of those present. Of course, for the successful implementation of this strategy the party and the country will need to implement a series of changes based on new approaches to some economic and political issues, primarily domestic agencies. And discussion of these new approaches is the main intrigue of the current Congress of the CPC will be accepted or rejected by the deputies, among which there are outspoken opponents personally President XI, and the opposition to the course which he holds since 2012.

However, despite the closeness of the CCP where it is not like when the factional struggle became public, to learn whether the program si party, simple enough. The current Congress needs to be amended in the Charter of the PDA, a document that in some ways standing above the Constitution of China. According to official sources, these changes “will reflect the latest achievements in the sinicization of Marxism, new management concepts, new experiences to strengthen the leadership of the party, the new achievements of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

Translated from the party-bureaucratic human, it would mean entering into the main document of the CCP concepts, the author of which is himself, XI Jinping. And if these provisions will be included with the mention of the name of the General Secretary — and before that, such an honor awarded only to Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping — then we can safely say that Chairman XI and his associates won a huge political victory and received from the party masses carte Blanche on carrying out the strategy of China’s development and its attendant reforms.



Чиновники перестали думать о народе (новый клич Пекина)

It is noteworthy that the leitmotif of the foreign press about the political part of the report XI Jinping — the conviction that he is committed to an authoritarian leadership that its main objective is to concentrate power in their hands and in the hands of a small group of his appointees. “We are witnessing a striking revival of Lenin and maoistky roots of the party, leading to a total concentration of power in the hands of one man,” — writes in his commentary of the famous political scientist from Hong Kong, Willy Lam. — “From now on, the specter of a new life “Emperor” hovers over the China.”

But the point is, that in the modern history of China has always been so — great powers of the Secretary-General, who was simultaneously the President of China and Chairman of the Central military Commission (CMC). Moreover, the precursors of si and Deng Xiaoping, and Jiang Zemin was retained Chairman of the CMC even after the formal withdrawal from the leadership of the party.

In addition, the Politburo of 25 people, there is also a Permanent Committee of the Politburo (pkpb), in which only seven members, but they are the real rulers of China. In the current Congress, 11 members of the Politburo and five members of the pkpb must retire by age because in the higher echelons of the party, the rule is “sixty-seven is sixty-eight — remove”. And it is only natural that the vacated space, XI Jinping wants to hold supporters of his course, not opponents. Why should he debate in a period when you want a stressful job? So all this talk about “strengthening the personal power of the President XI” called out a slightly different circumstance. Namely, sounded today in the report by the thesis that no political reform and “democratization” on the Western model or the Chinese liberals or their foreign associates should not be expected.

“We should not mechanically copy the political systems of other countries,” said XI Jinping with the main party platform. “We should unswervingly maintain the party leadership and further strengthen the party”.

A little later, finally finished off the liberals — first message that in the next five years, the Chinese authorities will create a “clean and bright” of the Internet space — that is, the modernization of the Chinese protective wall from the world Network. Then a harsh statement about separatism, meaning in fact the complete collapse of the hopes of the supporters of the expansion of the autonomy of the Xinjiang Uygur district and Inner Tibet. As, however, all 42 territories of the country with similar status.



Чиновники перестали думать о народе (новый клич Пекина)

One of the important sections of the report to Congress of the Chinese Communist party, for the content and wording of which is closely watched by analysts, is the “international part”. Chairman XI spoke here with the utmost certainty — China will not seek world hegemony, no matter what level of development he will be able to achieve.

In his opinion, “the existing problems and disagreements should be resolved through dialogue and partnership, not confrontation and bloc thinking”, regardless of what state it is.

What obvious conclusion that in the main question, which defines the world order for the decade, and in relations with the US, Beijing intends to avoid unnecessary confrontation. And, contrary to the calculations of the Russian “multipolar theorists” and their foreign brothers in mind, it is not going to claim to be the place in the last century in the international arena was occupied by the Soviet Union.

Perhaps, proclaimed XI’s foreign policy concept will be like a cold shower for Moscow, where there are still hopes for an Alliance with China in opposing Washington, but the leadership of the CCP a different view — the confrontation with the U.S. and its allies, China is now not needed. And even more Beijing does not intend to go into it because of Russia. Here is their interests he is ready to defend to the end, what XI Jinping has also spoken very clearly on the international stage China is not going to give up “to protect their legitimate rights and interests” — but only their own. However, such national egoism is welcome. In addition, a priority for the CCP is not the pursuit of some abstract “international authority”, not “getting up off its knees” and forcing others to ensure that you were an equal partner, and two completely different time.

First, the preservation of a balance between the basic principles (yuanze SYN), which include national interests, sovereignty, leadership of the CCP, the socialist path of development of China — flexibility (lingua sin), which involves the use of Western models and achievements in the practical development of China.

Second, the strengthening and development of the domestic economy, the promotion of social welfare to the level of “average prosperity”, the elimination of social disparities, the word — entry into the “new era of development of socialism with Chinese characteristics”. One of the main obstacles for the offensive which, according to XI Jinping and his associates is corruption. Combating of which is one of “14 strategies” the development of China, proclaimed by the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist party.

“Party officials stopped thinking about the people, only think of yourself. Management believes that this needs to be corrected urgently”, — shortly before the Congress was discussed at a Plenum of the Central Committee of the CCP.

Nepotism, corruption and “decomposition cadres” in the country has become systemic in nature, affecting the top of the pyramid of power. On the eve of the XIX Congress was removed from all his posts, expelled from the party and prosecuted Politburo member and party leader of Chongqing, sun Janci, which was intended for members of the pkpb. 8 October the Central Committee of the Communist party of China for discipline inspection said that for the last five years on charges of corruption were brought to justice 1 million 343 thousand members of the CPC, 650 thousand of whom held senior positions at the County level.

Чиновники перестали думать о народе (новый клич Пекина)

Some tend to see this as a way to crack down on political opponents, C Tszinpina, a kind of “mass cleansing”. Of course, in some episodes something similar, as they say, is the place to be, but that is in a separate. Corruption threatens to become a threat to national security, and Chairman XI is not only distinctly understood, but also willing to mobilize the party’s mass eradication of the threat.

The first day of the XIX Congress of the Communist party of China is completed. XI Jinping briefed the delegates his vision for the further economic and political development of China, its place in the world and prospects of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. Ahead — a heated discussion, following which the party will give the proposals their leaders, and not the fact that it’s positive on all counts. But this intrigue only fuels the interest in what is happening right now in Beijing, because it was there, in the Palace of the people now are decisions that many will determine the near future of not only China but also all over the world.


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