Offered an unexpected answer to the mystery of Stonehenge


Предложена неожиданная разгадка тайны СтоунхенджаIn Europe there are about 35 thousand mysterious stone structures.

Archaeologist Bettina Schultz-Paulsson of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and her team put forward the hypothesis that the builders of the famous Stonehenge has inspired people living on the territory of modern France.

A study published in the journal PNAS, and its brief version is given on the portal The author notes that the most famous of the megaliths is Stonehenge English.

However, in General, in Europe there are about 35 thousand mysterious stone structures. In a new study argues that the building of these structures began in the territory of Brittany in North-Western France.

The age of the oldest of them is about 7000 years. That is, they are about 2500 years older than Stonehenge. According to Schultz-Paulsson, the practice of building such structures has spread from the “France” for about 1000 years.

The study lasted for 10 years. During this time period using radiocarbon Dating archaeological team surveyed more than 2,000 ancient stone structures throughout Europe. The result has been to trace their evolution.

“We found that the earliest megaliths originated in the North-West of France and has spread along the sea routes of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast during three successive stages, – said Bettina Schultz-Paulsson. – Perhaps Stonehenge was not built “ancient French”. But they probably inspired those people who erected it, and gave them the idea.”

By the way, other theories claim that the megalithic structures appeared first in the middle East.


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