Off the coast of Latvia spotted Russian fighter jets


У берегов Латвии замечены российские истребители This is not the first appearance of the su-27 in the area.

Fighters of the Russian Federation found in the country’s Maritime borders with the military patrolling the neutral territorial waters of the Baltic sea.

At the sea border of Latvia, was seen Russian fighters su-27, the press service of the National armed forces of the country.

Patrolling the territory over neutral waters in the Baltic sea, patrols found near Maritime borders Latvia two fighters, which were identified as su-27 Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

Recall that in late September the Royal air forces of great Britain were alerted to intercept two Russian bombers off the coast of Scotland in the North sea. Subsequently, the Russian planes have changed the trajectory and direct interception did not happen.

And a month earlier, the NATO fighters rose to intercept three Russian aircraft near the airspace of Estonia. The Russian planes were identified as two MiG-31 and one an-26 transport.


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