Off the coast of France formed an oil slick


У берегов Франции образовалось нефтяное пятноFuel is approaching the shores of France.

By the sinking Italian vessel Grande America in the Bay of Biscay formed a fuel spot, which is close to the coast of France.

France declared about the threat of pollution and directed to the area of the slick special vehicle. It is reported that due to the West wind, the spot goes to the shores of France. It is expected that the shore it can reach in a few days.

214-meter-long merchant ship with dangerous cargo and 2,200 tons of fuel aboard, which was flying from Hamburg to Morocco sank Tuesday evening at a distance of 333 kilometres from the French port of La Rochelle.

Sunday evening aboard the Grande America the fire broke out. 26 crew members and one passenger were evacuated by a British ship.

It is reported that the ship is at a depth of 4600 metres. Of 365 containers on Board 45 contain dangerous goods. However experts say that the pollution may be local in nature, not presenting serious threats to the ocean.


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