Off the coast of China exploded oil tanker


У берегов Китая взорвался нефтяной танкерThe tanker unsuccessfully tried to extinguish.

The press service of the Ministry of transport of the PRC announced that the Panamanian oil tanker SANCHI, which caught fire after a collision with a freighter in the East China sea, the explosion occurred.

“Due to the fact that on 10 January at 13.35 on the tanker SANCHI, an explosion occurred at the scene temporarily suspended work to extinguish the fire, search and rescue vessels moved away to a safe distance. Work on fire suppression have not yielded the expected results,” the statement says.

The explosion on the tanker, which was carrying 136 thousand tons of gas condensate, poses a potential threat to the environment.

A day earlier, the engineer of the highest category of emergency response center for spill of fuel management for safety at sea in Yantai Zhao An in the published statement of the Ministry of transport noted that the gas condensate contains toxic hydrogen sulphide and evaporation can pollute the atmosphere. In addition, according to the expert, gas condensate after combustion breaks down into toxic fumes, which can enter the human body and damage to his health.

Earlier it was reported that the tanker SANCHI belonging to Iranian companies and sailing under the Panamanian flag, collided on 6 January with the Hong Kong bulk carrier CF CRYSTAL off the East coast of China on the evening of 6 January. Aboard the oil tanker were a total of 32 people, 30 of them are Iranian citizens and two crew members from Bangladesh. As a result of collision the communication with them was lost. On Tuesday, rescuers found the body of one sailor.


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