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The theme of the quality of the products we address constantly. Especially the most popular — dairy, meat, bakery. What each of us eats every day. It turns out that most of these foods to eat just unsafe. But recently the audit showed “doctor’s sausage”.

This week Roskoshestvo published the results of a study of 30 brands the most popular Russian sausages. Contrary to popular belief, no toilet paper, no meat of dogs and cats with expertise in the sausage is not revealed. But found the antibiotics.

In General, the investigated brands are safe for health. In any sample not detected exceeded the total number of microorganisms and coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, clostridia, Listeria, Salmonella, heavy metals, radionuclides and genetically modified ingredients.

However, antibiotics have been detected 14 brands. In the sausage 13 brands revealed their trace amounts, and in one case, the number of antibiotic exceeded the maximum permitted by law level. In addition, in 13 cases out of 30 manufacturers have not indicated the correct composition of the sausage, and violated stated on the label in any way. Experts found meat in the sausage, chicken, corn and soy, which should not be there, and in one of the samples of horse DNA.

— In General, the results are quite good, believes Maksim Sinelnikov, Deputy head of Executive Committee of National meat Association. And terrorize the Russian manufacturers, we always have time. Us only in 2016, managed to achieve the targets for the production of meat, which was in 1990. Before the industry fell for a long time. Now we have to focus on fine tuning, quality issues, reduction of trace effects. Because the sausage found only traces of antibiotics, they are not dangerous to humans. The problem is the violation of the technology use of antibiotics by producers of animals. It is necessary to strengthen control.

“SP”: — In any meat have antibiotics — it turns out? And we can not abandon them? But the people who eat and then develop resistance to antibiotics. Doctors now talk about it constantly.

Is industrial production, involving group housing of animals. If one gets sick, is an epidemic. No country in the world abandoned the use of antibiotics. If not to use them, dramatically increase the cost of production. Be produced prophylactic treatment of young animals. And from the young to the adult population held a great while, and during this time the antibiotic is withdrawn. But some of the producers sprinkles on the principle “the more, the better.” It is necessary to control it, but it is impossible to refuse.

By the way, I do not exclude that the raw materials that went into the sausage, where they found the antibiotics — not from our manufacturers, and import. It just goes to recycling, the store is not for sale. On surveillance Rosselkhoznadzor has not enough capacity, it is expensive. Monitored, and when something is detected, impose restrictions on supplies from these plants. Beef that goes in the “doctor’s” sausage, most likely, imported and domestic beef is not enough.

“SP”: — And what to do about it? How to ensure the safety of the consumer?

The only effective tool is tracking at all stages up to the counter. To be able to look at the history of the product. This information is already in the information system of the Rosselkhoznadzor. But until the whole country passed on it. There is resistance on the part of unscrupulous manufacturers — in fact all their activities become transparent. Negotiations with the countries-suppliers. This information system does not throw — it includes all research protocols. And then we won’t buy a pig in a poke.

“SP”: — The “doctor” sausage, which was produced in the Soviet period, different from the present? Older people say that back then it was much tastier.

— In Soviet times, “Doctor” was produced to feed the country, because then there quality raw materials, which could be sold in the form of pieces of meat. And the technology of grinding to enable trimming. In composition, the differences are minimal, there are beef, pork fat, lean pork, eggs, spices. Fat, in my opinion, became less.

“SP”: — In Soviet times, the sausage was the ultimate dream of the consumer. And now the sausage we were eating for much less?

— In General, the amount of consumption of meat products has not changed — as it was 2.5 million tons, and remained. But the percentage of natural meat made earlier about 30%, and now 70%. The share of sausage products declined. That’s fine — we’ve developed the butcher’s trade and meat you can buy chilled.

“SP”: — And beef are now eating less — it is expensive, and people are buying chickens and pork.

— We just came back to cost based on the structure of meat consumption. The USSR had a planned economy, developed dairy cattle, and beef consumption was 40-45%, poultry meat — 15% and 30% pork. Now beef has become the place of birds is a more expensive production, and today, it is not subsidized. But poultry meat is more wrap money, broilers grow rapidly. Therefore, poultry meat now occupies almost 50% in the volume of consumption. The consumption of pork remained unchanged.

“SP”: — When the sausages or the sausage says “made under GOST” — seem to believe it is not worth it?

— Deception is frequent. Checks are carried out now only in a planned manner, at the enterprises of the inspectors no. But security and misrepresentation of the consumer — all the different things. Safety rules all try to keep. But on the misrepresentation — is… for Example, write the standard, and it is GOST in the shell or packaging. You have to read labels, and to not throw advertising signs. There is a simple rule: the composition is always listed from largest component to smallest. And if the first is water — it’s a broth, not a sausage. I saw in the store sausage “Veal” — there in the first place was the poultry, then pork skin, and somewhere at the end of the beef. And about beef in General was not a speech.

“SP”: — In all supermarkets now exhibited farm products, including sausages, in addition, opened and a variety of shops of organic products — they are expensive, but really better?

Tool proof no. Manufacturers are invited to come and show you how everything is done. This is a private tool, and the state — no. There is no standard by which to work the manufacturers of such products. For example, what depth of sustainability — she is ranked in different countries in different ways. It’s impossible to do it 100% environmentally friendly product. For its production can 70% do not apply any veterinary medicines, or fertilizers. Globally, the market volume of eco-products does not exceed 3-4%. This is a very expensive products.


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