Occupied Makiivka has shown in the recent photos. Photo


The photographer has been in the Solar neighborhood.

A resident controlled by the Ukrainian government of Makeyevka (Donetsk region) Arthur has been in the Solar neighborhood. Looks like today building, matichyn showed in the social network, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to dnews.dn.ua.

“The road here more or less,” said Arthur.

Sunny is a temple, hotel Mayak, shops. “Here, basically, a 9-storey building. In front of the Lyceum there is a kindergarten. In General, here such here the solar in 2019…” – said makeascene.

“There’s shops, cafes… Shops here quite a lot,” he added.

There are in the district and non-high – rise- abandoned building. “No finish, I understand, is not going to. And will stand. And maybe someday will finish. I would like to believe it,” said a resident of Makeyevka.

In addition, he showed a long nine. “The longest house in Makeyevka, located in Sunny. It’s so big…,” shared Arthur.


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