Objectives and methods


Цели и методы

The death of the Russian pilot, which yesterday was covered almost online network, has again raised some of the same issues from a completely private to General. Issues that are constant, except that at such times they sound somewhat louder.


Цели и методы

First, purely private. The ratio of superiors to subordinates. Given that officially recognized a few losses in this war, no one bothered the President speak over the last days and humanly to say in his address and family a few words of participation. Okay, the President has no time, he’s busy, but not delivered, neither the defense Minister nor even the commander of the air force (or whatever they are now called ATT). A small thing, but the attitude of the bar to the slaves transmits clearly. There are only some official announcements, in which even the name of the pilot is not named, it was able to find only the personal belongings, a photo of which was published by the militants. There is the report and a discount card of Vladivostok, the network shops, a number of other things managed to find his account in the “Classmates”. In General, as always. The service provided already not worth anything.

There is much common questions. Separately in them is relevant to the death of a Russian citizen, that in itself can and should cause only a regret and sympathy to his family and friends. And separately, against the war in which he died. The imperialist war, unjust, interventionist.


Yeah, to be honest, Russia in this specific war – interventionist. Same as the USA, Turkey, Iran and several other countries. What Putin refers to the kind invitation of the legitimate government, the French-English-Japanese-Americans-Germans, too, in 18-20 years were in Russia at the invitation of different legitimate governments – the same Supreme ruler of Russia Admiral Kolchak, for example. That does not prevent us to treat them as invaders.

Since mid – ‘ 12 in Syria began the civil war video. If before the number of foreign fighters in Syria accounted for more than half of the total number of opposing Assad forces, since the mid-12 the Syrians took the total number of militants privileged position, and today make up at least 80% of all anti-Assad forces. Which fully describes the Syrian war as a civilian. Therefore, any foreigners who use this war to their advantage – the invaders. No one prevented Putin to provide military and police and other assistance to Assad in the 11 or even 12 year. Yes, even at 13. But then did the install, made in the year 11: this is not our conflict, Syria is not our ally, and we generally poorly imagine what is happening there. In General, only to the 15th year we have understood and reached. That’s just by the time the climb was nothing, and the purpose was quite different than using any other to Assad. The problem drew much more important: Gazprom began to burn. There is not only Syria to dust roll out, of course. For the sake of Gazprom.

The war in Syria to Russia’s national interests. And has not for quite objective reasons.

The purpose of foreign policy is promotion of national interests abroad. It is possible to Express the national interests of the capitalist countries? Yes, in dollars, and what else? Russia, as a member of the global capitalist system, has its designated place in the global division of labor. In other words, in Russia there was a steady concentration of production of certain products that are in demand on the international market. And we even know what kind of products, raw materials the lowest degree of redistribution. This place is extremely low, humiliating in all ways, but to lead us to him, persistently and consistently for the past almost 30 years.


Цели и методы

It can be measured in gross exports. 16 year export from Russia amounted to 282 billion dollars. For example, Switzerland exported to 302 billion dollars, Belgium – on 326 billion dollars, the Netherlands – worth 435 billion, South Korea – 483 billion, Not to mention leading the top five: China-USA-Germany-Japan-France, whose exports respectively, reported in the same 16 year 2060, respectively, 1420, 1320, and 606 486 billion. Worse than Russia, Spain (275 billion dollars), India (257 billion) Thailand (231 billion).

In fact, the war in Syria and the war in Ukraine is an attempt of the Kremlin camarilla to keep the amount of exports between Switzerland and Spain only. To stay in the international division of labour between the two European dwarfs, one of which produces only cheese and financial services, and the second is the chronic bankruptcy of the famous broomhedge “pigs” PIGGS. That is the limit of the Kremlin dreams, their ceiling.

It should be understood that in such hands, the people of Russia will always be doomed to a miserable existence. Because the only in-demand industry in Russia, generating the coveted foreign exchange earnings to the needs of the people has a very indirect relationship. The rest of the industry, not able to generate the currency in the paddock – and will continue to be in it, degrading to the limit. Though, because the impoverished population is not able to meet domestic demand, sufficient for the existence of these industries, not to mention their development.

And now about the war. Can the war in Syria and Ukraine to ensure a sharp (at times) the growth of exports? To propel Russia, for example, at least at the level of South Korea? Well, or Holland, in the extreme case? No, of course.

Can the war in Syria and Ukraine, to create preconditions for growth of the domestic market, enabling the development of the domestic industry? No. On the contrary: Putin with his own hands killed for us Ukrainian market, exacerbating the problems in our own industry, which has lost consumers in Ukraine.

In other words, these wars are irrelevant to the national interests of Russia do not have, and the war in Ukraine – right hostile to those interests. Actually, the war in Syria, too, but for different reasons.

Putin lies all the time (what not news) that we need to move away from oil dependence, to develop other industries, and similar rubbish. Rubbish it not because it’s wrong, but because Putin is lying. Just because he does everything exactly the opposite: the only reason being the war is just for the sake of hydrocarbons, and more for what. For them the war is invested the resources for them, Russia was an international pariah and received approval (and will continue to). At a time when the world’s leading countries actively change their energy mix, reducing the share of hydrocarbons in it, Russia, as usual, is fighting to sell a couple billion cubic meters of gas, and there though the grass not to grow. We are already laying their even lower place in the global division of labor, which will literally take 30-35 year. When our oil and gas will be in demand much less than today, simply because the developed countries are prepared to go to other sources of energy, and other markets – primarily, the markets of Southeast Asia, now seized US, Australia and Qatar. We are not there and will never be.

Hence the question: does the war in Syria is in our national interest, if we assume that they are in the development of our industry and the economy as a whole?

No, not responding.

Therefore, the conclusion that should make any person with NetBIOS TV thinking: the war for us is harmful. Harmful and dangerous. We have to finish it at any cost. If any cost is a defeat – let it be defeated. We will survive. We survive, if we survive. And we will survive only in one case – if will cease to generate current hopeless economic system of relations and begin to build a completely different economy, one focused on improving their place in the international division of labour, and the needs of their own people. Here for the sake of these interests can and should promote the Russian policy abroad. And if you need something and power. And then – and only then – our pilots will die in such wars, not for the pockets of the oligarchs and their servants, and for the interests of the people. Then, and only then they will honour the oath and your own duty.

And yet – alas. They are just a mercenary army of the oligarchs. And only. That does not negate and personal courage, and willingness to sacrifice. However, oligarchs do not care about all this. They have not even found kind words for the deceased. They have no time – they need to count money. And to cover themselves from sanctions. What sort of pilot Filippov? Who’s this?


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