NYT 200 soldiers of the PMC “Wagner” arrived in Libya. They use the same weapons in the Donbas


NYT 200 бойцов ЧВК «Вагнер» прибыли в Ливию. Они используют то же оружие что на Донбассе

NYT: 200 soldiers of the PMC “Wagner” arrived in Libya. They use the same weapon that in the Donbass

Over the last eighteen months 200 mercenaries “linked to the Kremlin” PMC “Wagner” arrived in Libya, which involved in armed conflict. And the “Russian snipers” using the same weapon as in the Donbass and Syria, reports The New York Times, citing sources in the European security services.

According to the Libyan doctors, current injury, resulting after firing, do not leave wide open wounds, and also no exit wound.

According to the authors of the material, the soldiers arrived in Libya in the framework of a “wider campaign by the Kremlin to restore its influence in the middle East and Africa”.


Note that the defense Ministry and the representatives of the PMC “Wagner” information the NYT has not commented.

Recall that in early October it became known about the death of several dozen Russian soldiers PMCs in Libya. According to “jellyfish”, from 10 to 35 Russians were victims of air strikes inflicted on the positions of the Libyan national army, field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot aircraft of the national consensus Government. Official confirmation of information.


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