Nvidia will create an Autonomous taxi


Nvidia создаст автономное таксиThe car will move without any driver.

Representatives of the company NVidia say they are ready to introduce a fundamentally new platform, which will act as component for robotic taxi Pegasus and, in total, will be able to bring this area to a new level. Even during the presentation it was noted that this is the first of its kind unique computer that will handle the processing tasks of this kind.

The uniqueness of Pegasus is primarily in the fact that he is able almost completely to adapt to work with unmanned vehicles, in particular such variants of a taxi. The computer is able to handle more than 320 trillion operations per second, however, other nuances of this technology remain unknown.

The platform must be received no earlier than the first half of 2018.

Nvidia also noted that the younger model Pegasus Drive PX2 will be the basis for Autonomous driving Tesla.


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