Nutritionists told what you can eat with benefit for health


Диетологи рассказали, чем можно перекусить с пользой для здоровья Named the most healthy snacks.

The experts shared valuable advice with those who want to eat during the day, but stay fit and healthy.

Many people commit their gravest error when you take a the sandwiches, cookies, snacks, chips, candy and other not so healthy foods to eat between meals or even to replace them, which is even more misleading.

The snack is intended to satisfy hunger and at the same time excellent to saturate the human stomach nutrients. If you eat healthy food, no problems with digestion, fit and healthy in General, you will not appear.

Nutritionists have called the most healthy snacks:

Milk drinks, curd and cheese. Products from the category milk extremely healthy for digestion and metabolism. And they perfectly eliminate hunger and take care of a normal level of immune cells in the body.

Fruits and dried fruits. Despite the fact that dried fruit, bananas and other fruits contain a lot of fructose, they are still useful. Plus, they don’t need to cook. Besides, they are sweet, and it means that with their help it is possible to get rid of dependence “sharpen” at the Desk high-calorie candy bars, chocolate and other sweets.

“Proper” sandwiches. In this case you will have to work hard, because they need to pre-cook.

Option # 1: on a piece of whole-wheat or bran bread put fresh lettuce, sliced boiled chicken, a few slices of fresh cucumber and/or tomato, a sprig of parsley and dill.

Option # 2: in the same piece of bread, as in the first embodiment, cut out the core, put it on a heated with a drop of olive oil or sunflower oil the pan and pour in the middle of one egg. Add salt, pepper. Fry on both sides until Golden brown and your delicious, healthy and nutritious sandwich is ready.

Option # 3: piles of bread, butter and lay on it slices of red fish, boiled and salted. Add fresh cucumber for flavor.

Crispbreads. They have no yeast and flour, and large amounts of salt, but they are perfectly satisfy hunger and can act as a “healthy” snack. By the way, these biscuits can be prepared buderbrody fish, meat, vegetables, whether boiled egg.

Do not be lazy to cook before work for 2 snacks, because in this way you will be able to maintain the shape, not to lose efficiency, but also save money, because “snacks” usually are much more expensive.


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