Nutritionists said that happens to the body during weight loss


Диетологи рассказали, что происходит с организмом во время похуденияIt is important to lose weight properly.

According to the world health organization, overweight have almost 2 billion adults around the world. Given the fact that our culture promotes harmony, it is not surprising that many people dream to lose weight. And, as found by American researchers from the University of Chicago 30 years ago, not in vain. Because overweight is recognized as one of the leading threats to human health in most countries. In particular, it is the main risk factor for the development of type II diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases.

The experts decided to tell you how weight loss affects human health.

1. You will have more chances to have a baby

It is known that when too little weight is disturbed menstrual cycle and, as a consequence, problems arise when trying to get pregnant. But excess weight may be causing problems with conception.

It is important to understand that infertility loss of extra pounds will not solve the problem. However, achieving the optimal body mass will increase the possibility of conception even in healthy women, and reduce the risk of miscarriage.

2. Will decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancer

Scientists have identified a link between certain cancers and obesity. The fact that the presence of extra pounds affects metabolic and immune processes in the body, which also participate in the formation and growth of tumor cells. Interestingly, overweight women have stronger triggers cancer than men.

3. Reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular diseases have become one of the most serious problems the world of medicine. And not the last role in this played a sedentary lifestyle and growing number of people with excess weight.

Scientists have proved that health problems of the heart and blood system in patients with obesity by tens of percent more than people with normal weight. Even after applying the medicines continue to have problems, if the patient is not taking measures for weight loss. Perhaps a good reason to pay attention to your body.

4. Reduced risk of type II diabetes

With type II diabetes called loss of the ability of the body to produce insulin when the flow of sugar into the bloodstream. A large amount of body fat reduces the sensitivity of cells to insulin, and sugar remains in the blood, which leads to the disease.

Although the disease manifests itself in most people with excess weight, an important role plays and heredity. If someone of his ancestors had diabetes, doctors recommend especially to monitor closely the condition of the body and regularly measure the level of insulin, do not neglect proper nutrition and physical activity.

5. Leave the pain in the joints

Unfortunately, joint pain visits us more often and sooner than I would like. But there is good news: losing excess pounds contributes to its care by reducing the load on the musculoskeletal system. Scientists conducted a study and proved that a decrease in body weight reduces the risk of developing osteoarthritis, a common disease affecting the major joints in our body.

Clearly, weight loss reduces strain on joints due to gravity. But the numbers are really impressive. For example, in elderly patients with obesity every lost pound (453,6 g) led to 4-fold reduction in the load on the knee joint during walking.

6. Improve cognitive ability

Scientists have found that the more weight a person has, the more his blood special proteins — markers of inflammation. However, the number of the latter was associated with the level of intelligence: the more “inflammatory” proteins, the lower our IQ. The health of the body and mind are linked, much tougher than we thought before.

7. You will stop snoring and you will sleep better

Obstructive sleep apnea — a fairly common disease. The breath of a sleeping person many times stops for a few seconds, whereby the body is not able to dive into a deep sleep. Almost a quarter of the adult population have signs of sleep apnea. And for obese patients, the figure is 45 %.

The fact that fatty deposits build up in the organs and in the space between them, including around the throat. They envelop her and squeeze, contributing to the difficulty of breathing during sleep. Getting rid of extra pounds, you will greatly ease the signs of sleep apnea, though, as scientists warn, of the healing of the weight loss may not be enough.

8. Decrease the risk of developing kidney failure

Obesity leads to a deficiency of nephrons, the special cells of the kidney, where the filtering of substances, their absorption and secretion. Thus, working nephrons tolerate the increased load. With further increase of the mass of adipose tissue mechanisms of action of the kidneys are literally broken, leading to kidney failure. But the loss of extra pounds the risk of “damage” the filters of our body decreases.

9. Save healthy teeth

For people aged 18 to 36 years obesity can be a risk factor of developing periodontitis — inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth. It is proved that the younger population, obesity is associated with a higher prevalence of periodontal disease.

But the promotion of healthy nutrition and adequate physical activity will be additional factors to prevent or slow the progression of periodontal disease.

10. Will live longer

Excess weight affects not only the quality but also on life expectancy. Examining the data of almost 4 million people, scientists have found that excess of body mass index (BMI), even at a couple of points leads to increased mortality. BMI of the centenarians was within 20 to 25 kg/m2. Interestingly, the deviation index in this figure both in smaller and in a big way is associated with increased mortality.

11. Improve skin condition

An excessive amount of excess fat affects the physiological processes in the skin. Therefore, obesity might lead to not only wrinkles and stretch marks. Scientists have shown that obese patients, the skin suffers from lack of water due to violations of the epidermal barrier.

According to another experiment, psoriasis in obese patients was detected 5 times more often than in the control group. Overweight and dermatological diseases go hand in hand. And the younger the patient, the greater the risk of unpleasant sores.

12. Hair and nails become stronger

On dry hair and nails as well as cracks in the corners of the mouth from time to time complaining about all women. However, if such problems become pronounced, it may be due to iron deficiency.

Scientists have found that in obesity there are several mechanisms leading ultimately to a reduction in iron stores, available to our body. Having established the metabolism with weight loss, we can get rid of iron deficiency.


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