Nutritionists said, can I drink while eating


Диетологи рассказали, можно ли пить во время едыWhat will happen to the stomach if drink food.

One of us drinks Breakfast coffee, lunch, tea and dinner with water? Some even use soup can not imagine without a glass of refreshing liquid!

And yet whether to drink during the meal or not.

Some nutritionists and advocates of a healthy lifestyle assert that wash down food, in any case impossible, because the liquid dilutes the gastric juice, affects its acidity and slows down the process of digestion. Others unwavering: drank, drink and will drink!

Here is what experienced nutritionists and competent gastroenterologists.

Drink if food

The point of view of those who food not drinks, which is quite logical: the water dilutes the gastric juice and saliva, washes away important enzymes necessary for digestion, and this has a negative impact on health. In fact, the reasoning is far from physiological processes – they are much more complex.

The process of digestion begins not in the stomach but in the head when a person is anticipating a tasty meal, the mouth produces saliva. Chewing food, we mix it with saliva enriched with enzymes, so it’s already softened hit to the stomach. Further, the process connects the gastric juice.

The stomach of the average person needs 3-4 hours to digest a hearty meal and turn it into chyme – liquid substance. The chyme leaves the stomach and travels to the intestines, where it gives the body nutrients.

And if the food stays in the stomach for several hours, the water does not stay for a long time, 300 ml of water leave the stomach in about 10 minutes. If you wash down food with water, it passes quickly through the digestive system, further wetting the dry food.

Water does not affect the acidity

Once in the stomach during a meal, water does not significantly alter the acidity of gastric juice. And the action of digestive enzymes, it does not inhibit, but rather helps them to cope better with the task. The work of enzymes occurs in the liquid phase, this fact is important for the absorption of nutrients after digestion into the blood.

Even if you basically eat cold food, the body itself surreptitiously will allocate the required amount of liquid in the stomach and intestines. By the way, the stomach secretes about 2 liters of fluid a day!

The human body – a well-thought-out system. Even if you drink a gallon of water, it will not affect the acidity. If the stomach will feel unable to cope with the process of digestion, it will produce a new batch of enzymes and increase the acidity of gastric juice, if the water is inadvertently demoted her. By the way, the water goes into the stomach together with food – to take at least an orange, which is 80% consists of water.

Water does not affect the speed of digestion

Proponents of cold food food claim that, once in the stomach during a meal, the water pushes undigested food from the stomach directly into the intestine. Supporters zapivaniya believe that, even if the liquid leaves the stomach earlier than a solid body, it does not affect their rate of digestion and certainly not drags of the food along in the intestines ahead of time.

And yet, whether you can drink while eating?

The conclusion is simple: if you’re used to wash down a meal, can continue without remorse! Water if you drink it right, do not bear any harm. On the contrary, the liquid helps soften and digest better than dry food, to improve the work of digestive enzymes and enhance the process of absorption of useful nutrients. Do not drink until chewed and swallowed the food, she need to soak up the saliva.

There is another advantage: when a person drinks during the meal, he makes insignificant but pause, and it slows down the meal. In the end, less is eaten and the ill-fated feeling of heaviness after eating, you can forget!

If you’re used to wash down food not water and tea, no difference. The liquid is equally affecting the digestive processes, be it tea, water with lemon or coffee. Even though the temperature of the fluid also does not affect the acidity and the rate of digestion, nutritionists still recommend avoiding too cold and too hot water.

The habit of drinking ice water can cause not only the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the stomach, but also cause diseases such as colitis, enteritis and dysbiosis.


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