Nutritionists pointed out the unexpected dangers of overeating


Диетологи указали на неожиданный вред переедания Overeating harms not only your body.

Sometimes, after the feast, picnic, a hearty Breakfast or office lunch, we feel the heaviness throughout the body. The doctors say that overeating affects not only our digestion, mental activity, but also on the skeletal system, even in the spinal state, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to

You’ve probably also noticed that immediately after eating you are experiencing terrible dizziness? This is because your digestive system takes a lot of energy to process food, so you feel weakness and fatigue immediately after the body has finished the digestive process.


There is another reason why after eating want to sleep. When the intestine is absorption of nutrients in the blood there is a surge in glucose levels. The brain cells used sugar as a source of energy, so if a person is hungry, the brain actively produces orexin – the special substance which sleep and rushed him to search for food. When the food entered into the body, was its digestion and absorption, the brain receives the signal and immediately stops the production of orexin, and we are starting to get sleepy.


The digestive system also affects the condition of our back. Heavy food or a large variety of food slow down digestion, which requires a lot of space and which gives additional load on the muscles of the abdominal wall and the spine. Time-consuming process of metabolism in our body affects the circulation, respiration, hormonal system and affects all the internal organs. He does not shy away from the skeletal system.

Therefore a proper Breakfast for example, something like this: bread made from sprouted wheat grains or bran, low fat cottage cheese with herbs or sesame seeds, fruits, light cheeses, tea or weak coffee.


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