Nutritionists: in green leafy vegetables have helpful sugar


Диетологи: в зеленых листовых овощах есть полезный сахар

In green leafy vegetables contains sugar sulphokinase. It is used bacteria, fungi and other living organisms. The same enzyme feed the friendly intestinal bacteria that prevent harmful bacteria to colonize the gut, said the researchers from Australia and the UK.

In particular, the useful substance is found in spinach. Scientists believe that their discovery will help in the development of a new class of antibiotics.

In addition, green leafy vegetables protect against cognitive impairment. Older people who eat lots of green leafy vegetables, cognitive functions suffer less. It has been proved experimentally: the volunteers who every day would eat 1-2 servings of green leafy vegetables, cognitive abilities were at the level of a man 11 years younger compared to those who did not eat such vegetables.


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