Nutritionists have debunked the most popular myths about the cleansing of the body


Диетологи развенчали самые популярные мифы об очищении организмаSmoothies can cause constipation, and coal – latency “dirt”.

Body cleansing is not a new idea. Enduring it for decades, although during this time her supporters failed to prove the necessity and effectiveness of this procedure in a scientific way.

It is impossible a priori: the phenomenon of slagging of the organism, does not exist, say the doctors.

Intoxication arises only in case of poisoning by poisonous substances, as well as diseases of the liver, kidneys and intestines – organs that are responsible for the excretion of waste products. In all three cases required emergency assistance in the form of intravenous continuous medication and not drinking and eating “cleansing” products.

Thus, the detox program is just a fairy tale, where you built a huge detox industry. After all, along with the “cleansing” power schemes proposed the use of various detox dietary supplements, which sometimes are very expensive.

About the main myths about detoxification told us Lyudmila Denisenko, nutritionist, member of the European Association for the study of obesity.

1. The best fighters appetite cactus and green coffee

If the hand and reaching to throw something tasty in your mouth, what kind of purification are we talking? Because it increases the body’s amount of undigested food which turns into “slag”. Therefore along with cleansing food it is recommended to take tamers appetite. Especially praise “the extract of the cactus” and “extract green coffee”.

But the number of decay products in the body (not the mythical “toxins”) depends not only from overeating (which, in the true sense of the word suffers not so many people), but more from the quality of food eaten.

As for antiapototic properties of these funds, the case is as follows. The cactus is not a unique composition: the fiber much more than in any other plant foods. But the price of 30 capsules of “panacea” – an average of 250 UAH, and they should take far more than one month.

Green coffee as a stimulant production of adrenaline, stimulates the appetite. The chlorogenic acid in this is appreciated by the adherents of the “purifications” for a powerful antioxidant effect: it is stronger than the one that have flavonoids in regular coffee, 27 times. But the heat treatment, the acid loses its properties. But green coffee is also brewed.

2. It is necessary to drink diuretic teas

In the framework of the detox you need “flushing the kidneys”. But drinking diuretic herbal teas several times a day for one day can move a kidney stones. They get stuck between them and the bladder, which can lead to hydronephrosis. Then kidney will be a hotbed of infection and are probably going to have to operate. To say that you have no stones, you can’t: according to statistics, every second man after 30 years is “sand”.

3. The liver will help the vinegar, oil, and magnesia

A cocktail of vinegar or lemon juice, vegetable oil and milk of magnesia stimulates the release of bile and bowel movements. That is clean. But it’s aggressive intervention in the biliary system, and without support of this procedure, a doctor can violate its function.

4. Great “vacuum” – rice diet

Food cereals alone will not provide the entire spectrum of nutrients and in the quantities that the body needs daily. And eat so requested at least a week, better yet – three-four. The second point: no fat impossible a normal functioning detox organs – the liver and intestines. Thus, we would get a purification, and toxicity. This effect is strengthened if a person has digestive problems (of any nature): rice as a source of starch will cause constipation. To sit on the rice (or other cereal and vegetables or dairy products) can be only once a week: this will restart the digestive tract and the body’s ability to self-clean.

5. Bowel cleanse coal, clay and coffee enema

Between meals it is recommended to take 8-10 tablets of coal per day, or 3 tbsp of clay.

Yes, these substances – sorbents. But their use is justified only as an emergency measure when food or chemical poisoning. In other cases, from eating coal and clay for 10-12 days each month (recommended for detox) more harm – they absorb everything, including nutrients and water.

Any enema – nesilevich: nature has created another scheme to “escape” extra from the gut, because instead of improving its cleansing functions, it is possible to deterioration, because the washed out good bacteria, creating healthy micro flora. Caffeine and flushing can cause diarrhea, and multi-day cleansing will end in dehydration, which worsens the filtering function of the kidneys. The same can end the detox with drinking the decoction of the Seine, solution and multi-day furosemide taking any other laxatives.

6. Diet smoothies – tasty and healthy cleanse

Smoothies as the liquid absorbed faster from vegetables and fruits, a priori, less in the body of the decay products (as in the powdered form and even more so), they are rich in minerals and vitamins. But the claimed detoxifying effect, and even possible harm. Because the colon because of “unemployment” can “be lazy” and then have to treat persistent constipation, because dietary fiber in smoothies is actually there. Because the colon cleansing also not going to happen, as significant of getting rid of toxins.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are fast carbs, which people will be hungry like a dog. Because there is a high probability that having finished the detox program, he is going to overeat, and overeating is a direct road to the deposits in the intestine: the digestive tract just can not manage to digest so much food.

7. Unloading on the water = less toxins

The power water is not suitable for people with any chronic disease, including purifying the organs, and healthy, as mentioned above, liver, intestines, lungs and skin apriori cope with natural detoxification. But if healthy people decide a few days to sit on a water diet, you can provide yourself a disservice. Without food the gall bladder and liver will deteriorate, and with them the purifying function of the intestine, and therefore, if there was nedvigina undigested food, and there it shall remain.


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