Nutritionists have called the recipe for the miracle drink for weight loss


09.10.2019 09:16046

With the onset of autumn can be difficult to stick to a low calorie diet because it gets cold and pulls on the “tasty”. But there is an alternative to this suffering.

In different countries there is a tradition with the onset of cold weather to prepare the mulled wine is hot drink with added wine, spices, ginger. Of course, it contains alcohol. But since you are on a diet, the you alcohol not – alcohol first impairs liver function, and, secondly, causes swelling, reports the with reference on Voice.

So nutritionists have developed a drink for those who want to keep warm and to keep weight normal.

For a drink you need half a kilo of fresh ginger, a pound of lemons and a jar of honey about 250 grams.

Preparing the drink is on fire. In a pot volume of about 3 litres are added to 2.5 liters of water, and before that to the bottom of the stacked layers sliced ginger and lemon. On top pour a layer of honey.

Drink boil and stand under a covered lid for about half an hour. Miracle drink for weight loss and warm up the body ready. Can be eaten cold, and can be hot.

If you think that honey is more useful to add to the finished drink, it is possible so.


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