Nutritionists have called a drink that stimulates weight loss


Диетологи назвали напиток, стимулирующий похудениеNamed the unique properties of lemon juice.

You won’t believe, but the usual lemon juice has miraculous properties! Everyone knows that lemon juice is vitamin C.

But our knowledge is usually exhausted.

It turns out that the lemon a storehouse of nutrients that help prevent hypertension, diabetes, indigestion, and other ailments, and reduce body temperature.

Weight loss
Recent research shows that lemon juice in different ways it protects our health. The lemon contains pectin and fiber, necessary in the treatment of intestinal diseases. Pectin, in turn, stimulates healthy weight loss process.The fruit also contains a very useful citric acid, which takes part in cleansing the body of toxins.

Skin problems
The antioxidants in lemon juice, smooth wrinkles, remove age spots and scars. They also cleanse the blood, providing a healthy and radiant complexion.

Cleansing the body
The combination of lemon juice and water promotes powerful detoxification. Substances contained in lemon helps to restore the tissues of the body.

Good bowel
Lemon pectin enhances the intestinal function and helps to cleanse the colon. Use the lemon as powerful antibacterial agents!

Normalization of acid-alkaline balance
Drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning to restore the acid-alkaline balance. Lemons tend to create an alkaline environment in the body.

Improved digestion
Lemon juice stimulates the production of bile and thus improves digestion.

Elimination of dysbacteriosis
Thanks to its antibacterial properties, lemon juice prevents the dysbiosis and suspends the reproduction of harmful bacteria.

Pain-relieving properties
Lemon juice relieves pain and inflammation, this is especially useful for the knee joints.

Regimen lemon juice

Take a glass of olive oil, if not that, you can use sunflower (crude pressed). Then a second glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Take one or two swallows of oil and drown the same in so many SIPS of juice.

After 15 minutes or 20 procedure must be repeated several times, until you drink all the oil and juice. Quietly sit down and watch TV or read a book.

If you have discovered any disease of the digestive tract, to drink this juice is strictly prohibited!


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