Nutritionists explained why winter is especially useful Ukrainian national dishes


Диетологи объяснили, почему зимой особенно полезны украинские национальные блюдаIt turns out that Ukrainian cuisine is one of the most useful, especially in the cold season.

This winter in Ukraine is quite similar to the previous one, because in some regions, still there was no snow, and already the New year and Christmas have passed. But this does not mean that people will not catch a cold or catch some kind of virus.

Doctors offer to strengthen the immune system not overseas delicacies and traditional dishes and products which can be classified as “national”.

Ukrainian borsch

As if you didn’t make soup, it would be very useful. If meat, then you will get the necessary dose of protein, if not meat, then more fiber from vegetables. A lot of greens in the soup – it is another plus, because it becomes fortified. Thanks to all the ingredients, the soup has a positive effect on digestion, and is the key to a strong immune system, because the main part of the protective cells is in the intestine.


Though nutritionists warn us about calories and cholesterol excess fat, in any case, it remains a mega-healthy. Many do not know that fat promotes excretion of bile from the body, but for this purpose it is necessary to eat in the morning. Plus, this product has many nutrients and healthy fats that provide energy, warmth, and care about the well-being of the whole person.

Fruit jelly

In this dish contains a lot of vitamins, especially if you cook it from frozen with a summer or winter with fresh berries. As a thickener you can use the starch, which also has useful properties, for example, eliminates hunger, reduces blood sugar and speeds up metabolism.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat national Ukrainian dishes, because they bring not only positive emotions and the pleasure of taste but also health.


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