Nutritionists explained why it is dangerous to drink on an empty stomach with fruit juice


Диетологи объяснили, почему опасно пить натощак фруктовые сокиAmerican nutritionists have revealed the dangers of taking on an empty stomach fruit juices.

Scientists demonstrated experimentally, similar eating habits violate the intestinal microflora.

The study involved laboratory mice, whose fasting was to drink nectar and juices. It turned out that in such conditions the small intestine of the rodent couldn’t break down fruit sugar, and one fell directly into the colon, causing significant damage to the beneficial bacteria that were not able to cope with carbohydrates. In the experiment, scientists used as packaged juices and fresh juices.

Researchers said, up to 90 % fructose is absorbed exclusively in the small intestine. They urged citizens to drink the juices gradually, and after 40-60 minutes after a meal, digestive system is not “overloaded”, but the microflora did not suffer.

As for fresh fruits on an empty stomach, in this matter the views of nutritionists vary. Most scientists are inclined to believe that they are preferable to drink on an empty stomach or after 1-1,5 hours after the main meal. Fruit in the stomach or small intestine not digested, but pass directly into the small intestine, is able to break down and digest fruit sugar. If the kind of food to eat immediately after foods rich in starch or protein, she will not be able to go straight into the intestine and remain in the stomach where it will undergo fermentation.

The most useful considered natural juices orange, grapefruit, grape, cherry, pear, Apple, pomegranate, black – and red-currant, pineapple, peach, apricot, lime juice.


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