Nutritionists explained whether you can eat yogurt for weight loss


Диетологи объяснили, можно ли есть йогурты при похуденииWhat products are best excluded from the diet.

Sitting on a diet or just leading a healthy lifestyle, we try not to eat a lot, in our opinion, the harmful ingredients.

But in real life they are hiding these ingredients, the harm which you never knew existed.

The juice from the packages
Yes, these are “healthy” juice could cause considerable harm to body and health. They contain a lot of preservatives, dyes and generally unhealthy substances that it is better to replace simple clean water, and even better with lemon.

Cereal fitness
The word “fitness” in the title has nothing to do with weight loss. Only in the glass of this delicacy contains 30 grams of sugar at the rate of 50 grams per day. If you can’t give up a quick snack in the morning, make it yourself – just mix oats, honey, raisins, nuts and apples and other ingredients to taste.

Yogurt and curds
Another thing that is always considered healthy and diet was in revealing the list. Of course, because as much as 5 tablespoons of sugar contains only 300 ml drinking yoghurt. It is best to use natural “clean” yogurt without additives and all taste substitutes.

Coffee 3 in 1
Life without coffee is impossible. Many would agree, but when you hear that, drinking only a Cup 3 in 1, they add the balance of sugar by 10 grams and add 70 calories to the daily rate, for sure, will refuse to use such a quick drink.

Of course, everyone knows about the harmfulness of sausages, but when you eat another batch of sausages, justified by the fact that they’re diet. Remember, even in “diet” sausages contains huge amount of fats, even conventional, and the so – called TRANS fats. It is better to spend 15 minutes on the chicken (if you fry small pieces in a dry pan, more time will not take).


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