Nutritionists called the most useful products of autumn


The autumn bad weather and rampant colds, experts advise to consume vegetables and fruits — they will help to strengthen the immune system before the onset of difficult times for the health of the season.

Potatoes. The modest potato is probably the most cheap source of dietary potassium, one of the most important minerals for human health. Potassium is involved in regulating fluid levels, blood pressure and nervous system, with its lack may experience both physical and mental disorders, reports the with reference to Toneto.

According to nutritionists at the University of Washington, potatoes allows you to get not only the body needs potassium but also vitamin C is one of the best defenders of the immune system. The main thing is, potatoes not fried and without additional high-calorie sauces.

Pumpkin. Men pumpkin brings particular benefits associated with what this vegetable strengthens prostate health. For women use pumpkins to serve as protection from diseases of the breast.

Pumpkin effectively strengthens the immune system. It is a source of beta-carotene, iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamins of groups B, K, C, E, PP and A, — all these nutrients can be obtained if you cook the pumpkin steamed, boil it or bake it. you. By eating pumpkin reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, strengthens muscles, improves skin condition, increases the activity of the brain.

Apples. Health is very useful in the autumn-ripening varieties of apples that almost until the onset of spring provides the body with vitamins and fiber. Their use makes stronger the immune defense of the organism, improves digestion, cleans out toxins.

According to reports, people who regularly eat apples, on average, 12% less likely to suffer from diseases of the blood vessels and heart. Scientists say that fans of the apples in the body below the level of inflammatory markers.

The rose hips. The berry is a perfect companion in strengthening the immune system. Rosehip is a great source of vitamins, organic acids and essential oils, which are very useful to improve well-being in hypertension.

The study, conducted by scientists in Sweden showed that daily consumption of beverages on the basis of rosehip extract reduces the risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Beet. Being cheap and affordable food, beets effectively heals the heart. The contents in the beet, a certain ratio of sodium and calcium ensures normal blood circulation and is necessary for all the internal organs food. In the beet contains more than 50% of sodium and 5% of calcium in such proportion to ensure the best solubility of calcium in the blood. This feature assimilation beet has a positive impact on the condition of the blood vessels — they become better protected from the negative process of the hardening of vascular tissue and also from increased blood pressure and other disorders of the cardiac system.


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