Nutritionists called nuts, which contain the greatest amount of nutrients


Диетологи назвали орехи, в которых содержится наибольшее количество полезных веществThe 7 most useful nuts for diabetes.

Nuts is one of the best snacks, including for those who suffer from diabetes. It’s their amazingly useful composition: few carbs, lots of protein, fiber and vegetable fat. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are in nuts, can lower “bad” cholesterol that will improve heart and blood vessels.

For people with diabetes nuts are very useful. What is addressed in this material.

Pine nuts

These nuts will benefit in diabetes. They are especially useful for children, pregnant women and the elderly. The nuts have amino acids, tocopherol, vitamin that helps to support glucose levels and improve metabolic processes.


This kind of nuts is very useful in diabetes. It’s their properties they are able to satisfy very well to drop excess weight. Their consumption reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes in women.

Useful properties of walnut are rooted in the fact that they contain alpha lipoic acid, which can reduce the inflammation associated with diabetes. And polyunsaturated fatty acids improve the level of “good” cholesterol in diabetes. Important thing to remember about compliance measures. Per day you can eat no more than seven pieces of walnut.


Almonds are also useful in diabetes, because it can prevent surges of sugar. But it should be consumed with foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Also, this type of nuts contains a large number of nutrients, including vitamin E. Thanks to this combination of stabilizing metabolism, improving recovery of cells and tissues in the human body suffering from diabetes. In addition, almonds can reduce the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes, helps control glucose levels. But there can be a maximum of 23 pieces.

By the way, also almonds can improve digestion and normalize the level of sugar in the blood. In addition, the walnut can increase the level of magnesium, which strengthen bones, improve blood pressure and normalizes the heart.


Only 25 pieces cashews a day – and the health of people with diabetes will be much better. The fact is that nuts are very helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and consequently the risk of cardiovascular pathologies.


Women with diabetes and obesity should eat peanuts because these nuts have many useful properties. It contains protein and fiber, which help you to lose weight, reduce the risk of heart disease. And when eating these nuts will not increase the concentration of glucose in the blood. Eat no more than 28 units per day, so as not to hurt themselves.


This exotic tree can be of great benefit. It allows reduce “bad” cholesterol, and gamma-tocopherol in the composition of the pecan can be useful for people with diabetes because prevents the pathological changes of pH in the acid side. To provide a positive effect need to eat about 10 nuts a day.


Per day for diabetics you can eat more than more 45 pieces of nuts. It is known that they reduce the blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It decreases the number of “bad” cholesterol that affects the heart.


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