Nutritionists called “healthy” foods that cause obesity


The record for calories is garlic.

Nutritionists believe that fruits and vegetables improper use contribute to obesity. It turns out that even herbal products, which are often called “healthy food”, cause gain excess weight if to prevent overeating, writes the with reference on Tape.

This happens because usually the salads are quite “harmless” vegetables are complemented by sour cream, various sauces, oil. Fruit desserts differ sometimes large amount of sugar. Uncontrolled use of such supposedly diet food actually parencymal the human body calories.

In a separate group of scientists have identified potatoes, beets, parsley and other vegetables, which themselves differ in calories. Their use in large quantities creates conditions for the formation of extra pounds.

The record for calories is garlic — 102 kcal in 100 g, it is hard to associate overeating. Among different fruits figs, avocados, as well as pear, cherry, but in dried form.


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