Nutritionist refuted the myth about the watermelon diet


Many people reasonably use the summer to lose weight. That’s become topical watermelon diets that recommend and various “experts”.

However, the known qualified dietitian thinks differently weight loss and watermelons things nearly incompatible, he writes the with reference on Voice.

Well-known nutritionist from Moscow Elena Solomatina, the background data Rockcastle about the benefits of watermelons and gave recommendations for their use. In particular, in order to lose weight. You should not do that, said the doctor. Despite the use of watermelon as a source of vitamins and minerals, it is considered a product for weight loss.

According Solomatina, eating watermelon, especially the excessive, on the contrary, will lead to weight gain. All because of the high glycemic index fruit that triggers the release of blood sugar and insulin. It just leads to deposition of fat.

“The slimming effect of watermelon can not be”, — concluded the nutritionist.

While Solomatin gave the recommendation of eating watermelon to lose weight or leveling jump sugar at least. She advises to eat watermelon with a bit of sugar bread or whole grain bread, so it absorbed slowly and does not lead to a sharp release of glucose in the blood.

Meanwhile, earlier doctors advised a simple and delicious way to lose weight in the summer.


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