Nutritionist dispelled the myth of the “highly beneficial” product


Диетолог развеяла миф о "суперполезных" продуктахNutritionist revealed the truth about the usefulness of Superfoods.

The fashion for healthy lifestyle and weight loss gives rise to various promotional offers and myths about the incredibly useful products, so-called Superfoods.

It is a widespread belief that their daily consumption reduces the risk of chronic diseases and prevents many diseases. Note that Superfoods are the products of the vegetable world, which have a high concentration of nutrients not found anywhere else in nature.

Popular nutritionist Albina Komissarov decided to figure out if they are really magic, or is it just the machinations of marketers. For example, she took three popular superfood.

Flaxseed oil

Idea: contains large amounts of omega-3

In fact: omega 3 is a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids, namely EPA, DHA, ALA, and others. To make it easier: EPA and DHA are “ready” are contained in animal products, and from ALA (found in plant oils, linseed oil) is synthesized EPA and DHA, but in small quantities.

Conclusion: linseed oil is useful, but do not make it a panacea and especially to drink on an empty stomach force and as a source of omega-3 is better to eat fish and seafood 2-3 times a week.

Goji Berries

Idea: you can lose weight, rejuvenate and so on.

In fact: no scientific studies confirming the benefits of these berries, no. As a result of litigation against the manufacturers of fraud, now they must be removed from the labels of all the phrases about “ReportNet” of these products.

Conclusion: you can eat these berries, if good.

Chia seeds

Idea: help to lose weight, useful for stomach and intestines

In fact it is. Unexpectedly for me, right? A large amount of fiber, a balanced composition of seeds of high nutritional value really suppresses appetite and improves bowel.

Conclusion: So feel free to fill them with any liquid, yogurt, and eat health!


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