Nutritionist debunked the most popular myths about eggs


Диетолог развенчала самые популярные мифы о яйцахThe myths about eggs: how many can you eat in a day healthy – raw or cooked, white or the yolk? And what about cholesterol?

All of these questions answered Miroslav Ulyanina.

Myth # 1

It is not recommended to eat more than 2 pieces a day, because increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, which in turn will lead to cardiovascular disease. Do each egg has 200 mg of cholesterol and 5 grams of fat. But the consumption of eggs is not associated with the level of cholesterol in the blood, no matter how many eggs you ate. The human liver produces several times more cholesterol, it is necessary for the body to maintain immune function and to produce a number of hormones (e.g., testosterone). But all this so-called “good” cholesterol. The “bad” cholesterol increases when you consumption of excessive fat, easily digestible rich in carbohydrates foods low in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Myth # 2

Useful protein, and the yolk is harmful, because in proteins there is no cholesterol and the yolk is.

As already mentioned, no need to be afraid of cholesterol from eggs. The yolk contains paterni us vitamin a, vitamin D and vitamin E, in addition, it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3), for example, linoleic acid. But in the white of an egg, these substances are not present. Egg protein consists of amino acids: glutamic acid (1,6% of the eggs), aspartic acid (1,3%), leucine (1%), serine (0.9 per cent), lysine (0,9%), isoleucine ( 0,7%), threonine (0.6 percent). By the way, egg protein is absorbed almost completely.

Myth # 3

It is best to drink eggs raw. Again, this is a myth. Raw egg protein is much less digestible and highly overloads the stomach, moreover, there is the danger of Contracting salmonellosis. Better subjected to heat treatment, preferably to cook poached.


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