Nutritionist debunked popular myths about milk


Nutritionist Albina Komissarova debunked popular myths about the negative impact of dairy products on the human body.

Relevant information she published in the popular social network Instagram, reports the with reference to

A doctor told how milk affects a person’s appearance and explained what products should be excluded from the diet and table to do it fully without returning to him.

Komissarov noted that there are studies confirming the link between dairy and acne, but this does not mean that everyone who drinks milk will acne. This means that if you have acne, you need to keep a food diary and note the reaction.

If for a minimum of 2 weeks confirmed the link, first try to reduce the amount of milk, and then completely eliminated if required. But remember that your acne may not be linked to milk, said nutritionist.

The physician also referred the associated myth regarding the swelling that occur after eating milk.

This myth is not at all clear what is involved, and the expert considers it unreasonable. If judged as a whole, healthy person tends only to physiological oedema (pregnancy, flights, etc). But if there are any problems, the swell people will be from any liquid, including milk. So, if you are concerned about fluid retention — consult your doctor, and don’t cling to it all with milk, recommends Komissarov.

Earlier it was reported that scientists of Canada conducted a study which examined the beneficial properties of whole milk. It turns out that the product is not only rich in various trace elements, but also helps to prevent obesity.


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