Nuclear emergency in Russia appeared the first pictures from the scene of the explosion


In the Internet there were new photos and video from the scene of the explosion at the polygon near Arkhangelsk (Russia). The consequences of the explosion showed in social networks a resident of the city of nyonoksa.

“It looks like death. Mouth [of the river Verkhovka] don’t even look. Only in the direction of Sushimi (neighbouring village, 7 kilometers to the West along the coast from Nenoksa). Parents work with the children. Children’s curiosity knows no bounds. Military gentlemen, sorry that picture throw. Let people see and calm down. And you will be calmer, that curious people will not get closer to consider. Let once the computer look”, — commented on the photo by the author, reports the with reference to

Also, Western experts have revealed images with the location participated in the testing of ships and pontoons. It is obvious that after the accident they were dragged to shore and the military did not have radiation floating platforms on the territory of their pieces, and threw them on the shore.

The data confirm the arguments of satellite images of the coast near Nenoksa made by the company Maxar, reports “Radio Freedom”.

Experts say that in itself is the location of the infected platform a few kilometers from Nenoksa does not threaten the city but touching the pontoons with them or thrown objects could pose a threat.


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